Stormfall Passes - Tutorial

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6 December, 2018, 9:31 AM UTC

Lords and Ladies, a special new feature is now available – Stormfall Passes.

Stormfall Pass. Overview.

Stormfall Passes are available to players as they soon as they start playing. This feature provides several unique possibilities to further your quest for control of Stormfall. Get a Stormfall Pass at your Bank in the corresponding tab to see for yourself.

There are three types of Stormfall Passes:

  • Silver 
  • Gold 
  • Diamond 

Each higher-level Pass unlocks an additional Bonus. For instance, a Gold Stormfall Pass has more Bonuses than a Silver Stormfall Pass, while a Diamond Stormfall Pass gives you even more powerful Bonuses.

Stormfall Pass Bonuses

Here’s a look at the Bonuses Stormfall Passes provide:

  • Battle Loss Insurance. This Bonus, which resets every 30 days, allows you to revive a certain number of Sapphires worth of Units lost in PvP battles. 

How it works:

When you lose Units in a PvP battle, they’ll be sent to a special tab at your Infirmary. You can revive these Units within 7 days of their arrival using the Battle Loss Insurance included in your Pass. The amount of your Battle Loss Insurance is dependent on the type of Pass you have. The higher the Pass level, the greater the amount.

Any unused Sapphires that remain in your Battle Loss Insurance fund when your Plarium Pass expires will be used to automatically revive any fallen Units you may have. Units will be revived in order of strength – strongest first, weakest last – until either no Units or no Battle Loss Insurance Sapphires remain. If you have no fallen Units to revive, any remaining Battle Loss Sapphires will be lost.

  • Special Scroll. Scrolls contain all kinds of valuable Items, Units, and Resources. You’ll receive a new Scroll every 30 days while your Pass is valid. 
  • Priority Resource. This Bonus allows you to choose which Resource to set as the priority during Raids. 

How it works:

You require more Food. Without a Stormfall Pass, you would normally raid 16k of each Resource. But with a Gold Stormfall Pass, you can target a specific Resource – in this case, Food. The Food you get from your raids, in this case, could total around 50k.

  • Raid Yield Boost. The Bonus allows you to get double the Resources from your first 5 Raids every day. Bonus Resources are not taken from the enemy but are doubled automatically.  

How it works:

Without a Stormfall Pass, you would raid a Castle and get 50k Resources. But with a Diamond Stormfall Pass, you can raid 100k Resources, even if your enemy does not possess the additional 50k. Remember: the Raid Yield Boost affects only your first 5 Raids each day.

What’s included in your Stormfall Pass

Here’s a look at the Bonuses included in each Stormfall Pass:

Silver Stormfall Pass

  • Battle Loss Insurance 
  • Special Scroll 

Gold Stormfall Pass

  • Battle Loss Insurance 
  • Special Scroll 
  • Priority Resource 

Diamond Stormfall Pass

  • Battle Loss Insurance 
  • Special Scroll 
  • Priority Resource 
  • Raid Yield Boost 

Stormfall Pass Duration

Once you’ve chosen the type of Pass you want, choose how long you want your Pass to active for. The Pass durations are:

  • 1 month 
  • 3 months (10% savings)* 
  • 6 months (15% savings)* 
  • 12 months (30% savings)* 

* savings when compared to a 1 month Stormfall Pass.

Your Stormfall Pass will automatically renew once its duration comes to an end.

How it works:

If you purchase a 3 Month Gold Stormfall Pass, after the three months has elapsed your Gold Stormfall Pass will be renewed for another 3 months. You can also upgrade your Stormfall Pass to get even more powerful Bonuses.

How it works:

You can upgrade a Silver Stormfall Pass to a Gold one. More Bonuses lead to more power! If you cancel a Stormfall Pass before it’s due to expire, your Bonuses will remain in effect until the original period ends.

If you purchase a 6 Month Stormfall Pass and cancel it 4 months later you will still benefit from its Bonuses for another 2 months.

We hope this information was useful. If you still have any questions or suggestions you’d like to pass on, leave a comment in this thread. Onward towards new victories!

Try Silver Stormfall Pass for free for one month!

In order to take a closer look at what Stormfall Passes are, you can activate a trial Silver Stormfall Pass for one month. After the trial month is finished, your Silver Stormfall Pass will be extended in case you didn't cancel it.

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10 December, 2018, 10:49 PM UTC
How can the pass be cancelled once it is activated?
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11 December, 2018, 6:57 AM UTC
Kinderschubser said:

How can the pass be cancelled once it is activated?
There should be a cancel button
Not all those who wander are lost
UTC +8:00
11 December, 2018, 11:03 AM UTC
Im not sure, but on Android, you can cancell directly in your google pay account.
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Community Manager
11 December, 2018, 1:26 PM UTC

chascon said:

Im not sure, but on Android, you can cancell directly in your google pay account.

Yes, you're right.

It can be done via Play Market.
Community Manager
UTC +2:00
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