What kind of video in vid section?

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1 September, 2017, 5:37 AM UTC

Just curious about what type of video can be posted in the vid section. It doesn't say what can or cant

I just finished a 3 day ban for posting a comedy video.

What video can i post?

Animal husbandry?

Bonsai pruning?


Recycling Urine?

A clue at least would be nice, And knowing who banned you as well would be handy.

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1 September, 2017, 3:57 PM UTC

You may post any video on any subject not specifically allowed by the Forum rules. I would suggest informative videos on how to play the game. Something that has not been done well is how to use your crystals for offense or defense. How to use wands.

Anything can be made funny. The title can detract from the whole purpose of the video.
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1 September, 2017, 4:44 PM UTC

You can post any sort of video on the tavern section. Just make sure your vids are game related, or about cats and you'll be fine. Spectroscopy is fine too, its a fine subject, I can discuss advance spectroscopy, infrared, NMR both proton and carbon. 

You can use videos to voice your frustration, add a line about how you think in between your vids, they are not easy to edit and you'll be fine

As brunson said your vids must be in line with the forum rules and game policy. That means you have to read them as they have been updated not long ago. 

And they must not infringe third party copyrights( you can get sued for that). 

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