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Moderator Complaints filed

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1 August, 2017, 11:25 PM UTC

As we all know, we can not discuss moderators actions, but no where is listed we can not  list mails to Obereon, without further disclosure...

Complaints filed to date, 3 on one moderator.
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2 August, 2017, 9:23 AM UTC

I have closed these topic because it violate forum and game rules rules. 

Forum rules in violation

3.1. Threaten, humiliate or assault other players or Forum administrators and Moderators.

3.10. Flame, spam, flood topics or post off-topic, irrelevant messages. This includes using the forum, email, messages, comments, picture comments and private message systems to spam other members. Such posts will be subject to removal.

3.15 Create posts discussing forum moderation decisions, such as banning, closing forum threads, deleting forum posts / threads, etc. This also includes publicly sharing any private messages from Community Administrators or Moderators regarding disciplinary actions taken towards you. The discussion of forum/group moderation actions generally leads to inflaming the community and trolling Community Administrators and Moderators. As such, this type of discussion is strictly prohibited under the forum rules.

Games rules sections violated 

Security Policy and Malicious Behavior 

 By discussing correspondence between Administrators it violates and undermine the duty of the forum administrator to carry out an investigation. Encouraging members to share correspondence between members and Administrators. 

Members are warned to refrain in all aspects from discussing, attempting to discuss or encouraging the discussion of Moderator and CM decision. All discussion should be lodged with Lord Oberon, and any discussion on that matter MUST be carried out with Lord Oberon, and or The Support team. Post in violation of these principle will be deleted, and might result in a ban. 
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