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6 February, 2017, 10:41 AM UTC

The Darkest Days

Check the latest Stormfall Chronicle episode here

Discuss below and have fun! 

P.S. More episodes -> http://plarium.com/en/strategy-games/stormfall-age-of-war/chronicle/

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7 February, 2017, 8:00 PM UTC

Quite a lot of this is Plarium getting what they deserve.

They spent 2 years making an already Pay 2 Win game into an uber pay to win game and then someone bought a 3 person league strike with uber coining that now runs around the map killing small leagues out of the game.

The siege mechanics the way they are that army can kill almost all the small leagues in the game if it wishes to without taking too much loss.

One (or a couple of spenders) literally killing off community after community.

As to the lead off para's, if you are not under threat from an uber coined hammer then this is actually the easiest time in Stormfall. 

- The beacon map is now huge but the activity in the game massively diminished

- The competition for beacons is non-existent. The competition for once precious edge beacons isn't that tough

- We have the 2nd league to make no.1 in a couple of months that has never fought any kind of meaingful war to earn it's territory

It's a completely 2 tier game right now. Those who are enemies with the hammer find it difficult to hold anything, those friendly with the hammers have an armchair ride with no need to defend anything more than 25m (cause you just don't see any fighting for beacon territory among the "normal" leagues).

Was having this chat with a couple of people.

Far from happy to acknowledge this but the game is dead as a sensible strategy game and virtually dead in activity levels. It was always going to die well before it's time due to Plarium's approach but the uber coining and pay to win bonuses killed it off much quicker than it needed to be. 

A few too many people were utterly irresponsible with their power. But then it's not really up to players to exercise their power with regards to safeguarding the long term future of the server, that is supposed to be Plarium's job.

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