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Online chat with Plarium's Community Manager has started! March 23

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Community Manager
23 March, 2017, 3:13 PM UTC

cemeterymgr said:

Hi and thank you for starting this feature.

My question is when in a league challenge. At War. The hamlet points. how many resources constitute one point and how much does a saphire count for. Thanks =)


I'm glad you like it!

This information should be found from your experience :)
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Community Manager
23 March, 2017, 3:14 PM UTC

wilson said:

I am starting to get problems with Chrome & the game. Initially, I was mostly an IE user because of my work but I found that with complex castles & large numbers of troops in the catacombs that sending reinforcements & play speed became a serious problem. So I switched to Chrome & that initially fixed all the issues. But lately, right clicking in Chrome is becoming a real pain. Sometimes it takes dozens of clicks to get the game to recognize my selection. It is so bad at times I just quit in frustration. I am seeing these phenomena on both my laptop & desktop. 

Hi! There can be many reasons why the lags occur.

The issue can be on your PC/browser/router/Internet provider/CDN/our server/etc.

To understand the reason of lag, we need some additional information. You can help us to investigate your case if you do the following:

1. Access Chrome -> More Tools -> Developer Tools -

2. Access Network tab

3. Try to access the game

4. Do the right click on any line and tick Save as HAR with content

5. Input the following command in cmd: tracert Then make a screenshot of it.

6. Send this information to our Support Team:

They will help you to understand the reason of your lags and will help you to fix them.

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Community Manager
23 March, 2017, 3:15 PM UTC
gumbor said:

Any chance that the list of my league mates under the embassy get the same action points as my contacts in the keep? At the moment The only action possible is to send a letter or add a member to the contacts. It would be very helpful  if I could send reinforcement etc from the same action drop down list . Thanks.
Hi! You can always add you idea on improving some features to Suggestion thread on the Forum.
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Community Manager
23 March, 2017, 3:16 PM UTC

Thank you for such for chatting with me, Lords and Ladies!

Today’s winner is Sweetcruelty!

See you next week!


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