FOH kicks the wolves I do not like people who kick there dogs !!

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29 September, 2017, 3:16 PM UTC

Hello, all. Well, I guess FOH is not happy with being in 1st place on the server, but don't touch there lvl. one beacons that they just took off of some other leagues neither !!!  So you need to take all my lvl. 5 beacons. and take us off the map !!  I will not say how I feel about your guys and now your league, but you should be able to come up with something colourful !!

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Marcel Stokvis
29 September, 2017, 4:18 PM UTC

bbob-wolf said:

Hello, all. Well, I guess FOH is not happy with being in 1st place on the server, but don't touch there lvl. one beacons that they just took off of some other leagues neither !!!  So you need to take all my lvl. 5 beacons. and take us off the map !!  I will not say how I feel about your guys and now your league, but you should be able to come up with something colourful !!


Whats foh again ??

Oh wait, now I remember :)
You mean that league with those very weak defended beacons ?
So weak, I skipped to a different league after taking two of their beacons

Dutch Viking // Sa souvraya niende misain ye
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16 October, 2017, 11:00 PM UTC

HOWLLLLLLLLLLLLLL  HELLO ALL  yes weak beacons !! So ? I am smart, you did not kill our Defence. BUT that is not the point !! one of my clowns, new and young hit a lvl. one beacons with nothing in it, NOT in your lands, and for that foh take all lvl. 5 beacons !! and you say because I hold lightly it is my fault !! ??? you sound like some kind of predator with that kind of talk. The victim is always at fault !!  RIGHT !! ?? I will take foh apart !! no honor there, and I am sure the rest of what I have to say will be censored !! anyn questions look and listen to youtube 5 finger death punce way of the fist. I will not stop F most of foh !! any questions ?

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17 October, 2017, 12:35 AM UTC
Somebody notify the authorities, looks like we have a rabid Wolf on the loose LOL. Interesting to see if your bite is worse than your bark
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18 October, 2017, 11:29 AM UTC

i wonder if anyone who believes the reason you gave to why we hit your beacons, also "who kicks there dogs" think you mean "who kicks their dogs" ?

but that also makes no sense given the fact you make like we have ownership of you guys ... and we dont have any affiliation/alliance with you besides i even offered you a cease fire (i was not rude or condescending) where you could have rebuilt in peace which you declined.

YES, your answer is what was the difference between your leadership and mine .... i would have taken that offer, built up a league stronger then them (being FoH) then hit back ..... the difference in mind sets and goals are apparent you think of the present and not the future sadly those players who follow you are non the wiser ..... then again most are alts in wolves.

This is a war game so i dont really care if its justify to the public or not at this point ... people will believe what they want to anyway and im fine with that. you can play the propaganda card as you see fit if people buy it o well if they dont ... well some faith in humanity i guess hahahahah

THE Short Story of FoH ... maybe i should make a whole post on this but to lazy to do it or maybe just dont want that much people to see it .. not sure yet lol

- How the Goal/objective was born: i made my goal as marshal that was to take FoH from a "6 beacon in land league of rank #22 - #24"(jumped between there)" in fact before that 6 beacons we was on the EDGE not only the EDGE but a CORNER but had to trade away cause we wouldnt be able to hold it but also even if we didnt want to let go of the corner ... almost any of the top leagues could have taken it by force anyway thus resulting with FoH not even having inland beacons so i accepted the trade for it was the best outcome we could hope for then ..... that is the time about a week of being marshal (i was a captain for a while we traded to inland from corner) i made my goal of "6 beacon in land league of rank #22 - #24"(jumped between there)    to a 1st page league

The steps that got us there was insane from inland  to expanding our inland to gain new members and become stronger then we moved to the edge with us offering our 8 inland beacons for 3 semi EDGE beacons(aka second row)  to expanding the edge often by peaceful methods since we didnt have the power to take out leagues..... we must have traded with over 10 leagues lets see if i can name them lol Destiny, Fellowship, Fellowship of Dam, DTC, Fallen,Royale Knights, Legion of Vengence, guild des Gurrier, Pirates, (not sure if it was Dark evil conncetion or someone with the same flag), Exodus, hateing crack heads not sure if i missed a few but if you a league we traded with well thanks to you as well  .... we got beacons in important areas of other leagues and traded them for a mutual gain for both involved ..... eventually we kept on growing and found ourselves with a rather large hammer which we aimed at building for a very long time in fact it was an objective we chased soon after i took marshal-ship ...... we then dealt with fortress as well got it to lvl 8 then eventually to 20 during that process somewhere i stepped down

there was bad times too .. we got wiped off our beacons on 2 different occasions  ...

1st was during a beacon massacre done by EMPs we was also debuffed by -30% occult and -20% beast def  ... we lost all our beacons that time ... after that flag event FoH placed in Top 3 for the next 4 of those flag events to avoid ever being debuffed

2nd time was also during a beacon massacre done by KT but this time we didnt lose all our beacons though ..... after both events we didnt cry about it .... we manned up and rebuilt our Empire .... and that is how we got to where we are ..... going off topic now lol

anyway we pressed on and got to 1st page and thus achieving my goal .. the next long term goal was naturally #1 ...... we reached #4 but life was calling and so i handed over marshal-ship to Lucidius the best choice for the job.

Haha i still remember a convo i had with LW from Atradies(i wonder if he remembers) i asked him to merge with FoH when i just became marshal and when it was almost dead and i expected him to say no (he was on the 1st page already) but i had to try anyway .... i remember telling him i was aiming for the 1st page within 6 months and if i did it he should consider the move ..... well we didnt get 1st page in 6 months sadly it took us 8 or 9 months trading took ages LOL but at that point i dont think we would merge since both leagues was on a rise

in the end i am happy to say i have been a part of a League who worked for its rank ... we didnt always have the power we do now ... if it wasnt for those players who stuck with FoH way back and had faith in me non of this would have been possible .... without them i wouldnt have done anything or gotten anywhere

The moral of the story ... the LONG TERM Goal came with many sacrifices .... my league was bullied and i did have to bow down to other leagues who i knew we couldnt win against ..... but that was cause i knew my end goal was insight and i had a plan to achieve it with the help of the family known as FoH ..... you can cross reference anything i said if you dont believe me i named all those leagues too

not sure if this is me trying to let go of this game and quit already but i just felt like i should share this story with the server

Pretty sure this wont change anyone's mind if you hate us or love us it will remain with you forever cause most people dont change there opinions cant blame you there lol

anyway have a good day or night ... not sure if this game really has a future To Be Honest

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