Shadow's Edge is a joke!!

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31 August, 2017, 6:37 PM UTC
Tychi said:

seabeevet said:

They whine and cry about a few players raiding them. UMMMMM hello it is a raiding game lol. Did they expect caring and sharing? If so they should all go play the Care Bear Game instead of Stormfall. The brag about "taking Dominus down" yet the only thing they have accomplished is to convince Die Blutige Horde aka the dirty diaper gang to send spam attacks along with their players. Yes well done you have accomplished none of what you set out to do. You have not played mind games with us you have not annoyed or bothered Dominus in anyway. The only thing you have accomplished is showing people who have triggers in our castles that Shadow's Edge is a huge joke and anyone still in that league should find a new place to hang their hat. Jezebel needs to step aside and make someone else marshal as she is a huge joke and has ruined what could have been a good league. This is me calling you outJezebel step down and show Stormfall you have the lady ballz to do the right thing.

So we have not annoyed you or bothered you in anyway?  So why the hell are you posting on here about exactly that? 

Sounds like Jez is doing her job well if you on here writing the **** you are lol. 

Dominus started this and we will finish it in our own time. We will try not to annoy you too much in that time :p

p.s. Dominus is still about 200mil Offence down on us.  Opps did I say that out loud

 the win whispered in my hear that you are way down on offence comparing to us now:) all cos of 2 beacons and a cople of traps:)
never start what you cant end. who lives by the sword dies by the sword.
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31 August, 2017, 11:25 PM UTC

Yup true story but we sure killed a lot of defense but after a couple of messages exchanged it's apparent that all it is going to take is a big fat wallet being opened to revive it all - expensive but apparently no big deal

the game disgusts me so it won't be long before my permanent exit from Stormfall
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