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GoGo Horsemen is looking for Recriuts.

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1 December, 2016, 7:23 AM UTC

In reality I should probably post cords or a contact to reach me.


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21 January, 2017, 2:27 AM UTC

GoGo Knightmare said:

We at GoGo Horsemen are currently looking for 10 solid players who want to have some fun.

We are not interested in beacons, or being the top team, or even in the top ten, what we are interested in is having fun, playing the game and just enjoying ourselves in general with out the heavy politics and other shtshows that are out there. We are maintaining a small league, so we can take advantage of the bonuses from the tourney more effectively.

(Heck, time to squeeze Palarium back for some of that coin in the tournys with the league bonuses and max them out 24/7.)

Max membership will be 25 players to keep are marks low and everyone more cohesive and fluid. Like a ameba with a couple red bulls in it and a handful of puppies.

Requirements are as follows:

Level 40+ and general knowledge of the game.

The ability to work as a team with others for common goals.

A sense of humor, whether its slap stick, dark or dry. Ok not dry.

18+ since some cant seem to watch thier potty mouths in the chat.

Be active daily, with your raids and communications with others.

Dont be a Bully, if you make it a habit to harrass active players 20-30 levels below you, we dont want you.

Be willing to help noobs learn the game, and develop thier game. The place always needs fresh blood.

Follow orders and also share your ideas.

Respect the Diplomatics stuff, which we try to keep at a min anyways.

Dont be a Douche.

And most importantly, have fun, because if you are not having fun, than it really isnt worth it.

We embrace coiners and non-coiners alike, if you have moxie and style we want you, If you send your attacker a single chunk of ham and tell them to make you a sandwich, we want you. If you are curious about what it would be to mash up Blazing Saddles with 300, we want you.

If interested and this appeals to you just send me a message and I will go into the gory details.

Have a glorious day doing glorious things for glory,

We are still alive and kicking, our game is still the same and still looking for a few good men and women who would like to join us.

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1 April, 2017, 3:38 AM UTC

We are still here slurping our soup with proper manners.

We have currently expanded membership to 30 people. The requirements posted in the quoted post above still apply. We are a English speaking league but can also communicate in other languages for the right people. Since Language doesn't separate us, the ability to laugh does, :)

Looking for BG, PvP and Build players in that order. Lets have fun again ! hehe

ok we cant really communicate worth a squat in other language's.. but LOL

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7 April, 2017, 8:51 AM UTC

My Lord,

good luck with recruiting.
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30 April, 2017, 9:48 PM UTC

We are no longer recruiting, so don't even think about trying to join the Horsemen.

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1 May, 2017, 6:12 PM UTC
If you are no longer recruitiing I am closing this thread.
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