New players and Starting a league advice.

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2 June, 2015, 11:57 PM UTC

© How to play Stormfall

This guide discusses how to do Bg's, blance your castle, 

build a army, attack and defend players including your self.

First thing  you should know is don't constructing buildings, upgrading buildings, discover lost arts, upgading lost arts unless you have a quest for it. You can check by going to the left side of your screen and clicking on the scroll at the top center inside your castle

The second thing you should know is do not complete any quest since that will take the reward from it unless you check how much resources you have first, check what's the limit you can hold and what's the reward amount of resources given from the quest.  If you are at the limit of resources you can hold the reward will put you past max resources you can hold sending anything past the limit to the trash. Spend the resources before you throw them away by watching the rewward and how much you already have and know your holding limits. Spend anything extra on training units or upgrading 1-3 farms to keep you going in the negativve food from training to many units.

Thirdly I want yous to know to catacomb all of your units so they don't die when you are attacked.

Fourthly I want you to not do any raids unless you are attacking a empty low level castle that you sent 1 unit to siege first and then a spy to see how much resources it has. Send only units you trained to collect these resources in a raid. Make sure you can hold the amount you bring back and know what you are spending it on. It should go towards quests or if you have alot of extra food train units. Do this while waiting for quest to complete.

Next I want yous to not do any battle grounds until you've read how to do BG's in this guide many times. do not stray away from the method. Same goes for rading, sieging and defening your caslte. All this info is lister below and becomes more relevant later in the game

Then I want yous to know yous can ignore all quest to spend saphires and attack other players. Do only quest to develope your castle which there is around 100 at the later levels and around 10-20 once you start. You will only see a few at a time. if you upgrade anything without a quest you will skip the quest. Don't fool your self you need the exp and reward to stay balance and learn the game by learning the quest patern. It will make sure you are ready and begin understanding the game. You will hold your self back doing things without a quest saying so, so be patient.

Finaly I want yous to know how to copy and paste in game, add eachother as frends and send friend request.
To copy messages in your mail you hover over the corner of the message bubble that contains the text you want to copy. You will see a clip board symbol that will copy the text and x that will delete your messaage. You can copy text from league chat and global chat also by hovering over the text and clicking the clipboard at the end of the text you want to copy. To copy and paste in game press ctrl+c to copy and ctrl+v to paste.

To add a player to your friends go to their castle on the map and hover over it. At the bottom you will click the green plus sign to add them. To accept you must exit full sceen and you will see a blue # if you have a pending freind request to accept. Click and then hover over the players name to see the accept option.

EDIT: 1/21/17  EDIT 2: 2/9/17

1.You need to save all offense and defense units at least until lvl30 for the biggest effect no bgs or atking past first few atk quests...

2. Do all ten raids a day spy easy castles or send 1 pikemen first to make sure it's safe to raid or spy for resources don't go in blind.

3.Use your resources to complete as many daily quests that involve building units constructing buildings and upgrading them that you have time for that use your 10 raids a day it will help support your upgrades. what ever is left over you don't use to upgrade buildings train units with complete your quests that can be found on the left side of your in castle game menu. this gives you resources and offense and defense units. send units to the catacombs and build more units by level 30 you will have close to 100k offense and 50k defense. When upgrading buildings for a quest when it comes to farms upgrade three as far as you can when in the negative so you don't skip quests and get all your rewards same fi you need to upgrade a town house or mine.

4.Start upgrading your farms so that you don't have to worry about going into the negative in food production. All units are kept in your army based on how much food you produce p/h minus the amount of food all your units consume p/h. once in the negative food p/h and your food reaches 0 units leave your army forever until only the units you have enough to feed are left.

5.Start working on your feat of valor this can be found in your in castle menu at the top left it's the symbol of a crown on it. once in feats of valor menu the last tab to the right battles are the ones you want to work on immediately once you have enough food produced p/h to feed 200 silent ones, 15 griffons, 30 dwarves. you want the level 4 cloak and daggers complete and the lvl 5 lord protector which require simply sending one spy to a near by castle repeatedly 1360 times and then sending defense as reinforcements to a safe castle of a friend repeatedly sending as much as you can send at once until 860 units have been sent as reinforcements. Save everything in your catacombs

Snowballing to success. 1. All your hard work start to pay off here you start upgrading your lost arts before starting your level 1 battle grounds. Get all lost arts to lvl 20 this will make battle grounds easier and your overall unit base stats higher. dark essence benefits increase with fully upgraded lvl 20 lost arts.

6. Starting Battle grounds by this point you will have received a good head start from your quests receiving lots of units and resources these resources should have helped build you a good size army of pikemen/paladins and archers/dwarves. Save all other units until the day comes you can train these units in your castle ex.: Dragons/Necromancers and Griffons/Golems. you want at least 500 each of offense units and defense units for battle grounds. use offense for attacking defense for defending BG's

About BG's

You have 3 diffrent classes of bg's found in your eagles nest that give rewards.
 The 1st class is saga bg's.
 The second class our BG's you have a quest for.
The third class are BG's you don't have a quest for.

Saga BG's come up when you do around 6 bg's you do have quests for. You are rewarded elite troops for these BG's inlcuding legendaries.
BG's you have quests for reward with units every time.
BG's you don't have quests for don't give you a reward unless you yellow bar enough bg's adding to the bank of reward with your armies deaths.

Many things can increase your rewad from BG's.
Activate your paragon in the black markets pargons tab thats in the misc tab.
Activate your Dragon stone boosts.
Activate your 10%-20% ofense/defense boost in your black market.
Send 1 Paladin to all raid BG's and 1 Archer to all defend BG's to check what units are stationed there.
 You want to yellow bar the bg you do have a quest for and your saga if it's up.
then  yellow bar all the bg's you don't have a quest for.
Delete all grand marshall reports.
Make sure you whearhouse and barn are full.
Make sure your paragon and dragon stone boost are Active.
Finish off your higher level BG you do not have a quest for.
Finish off all your bg's you don't have a quest for from highest to least.
Finish off your highest lvl BG you do have a quest for.
Finsih off your saga if it's up this time.
Don't start any new bg's until all the current ones are complete and rewards collected.
Yellow bar bg's in 1 wave by sending 50% of the force needed for the level you are on by using this screen shot ( )
Finsih off each BG using 100% of the force required for each bg level in the above screen shot.
Compare all your rewards with this screen shot (  of the max reward possible for each BG level.

Using Infantry only increases the chances of geting rewarded with Cavalry units, using Cavalry increases chances of getting rewarded with Occult and Beastiary. You can lower food consumption by killing off lesser units with higher food consumption for better ones with less food consumption this way.


Only use the above method on units that you trained in your castle and send at bg's. keep track of all rewads and send them to the catacombs never to be used and look at it as your reserve to stay relevant in the future while the lords who do not know this method kill off all their armies.

EDIT: 1/19/17 EDIT 2: 2/10/17

BG Extras

   Bank BG's for bigger rewards which is optional/experimental and should be tested with 2 players around the same ofense doing the exact same thing. Compare rewards. the same unit types, BG level and BG's name type have to be the same...

   Each BG has health bar circles. they are the litte circles with colors in them next to the bg's levels, Red is full orange is half and yellow is practicly empty.

   Don't finish off any of them or you will trigger the reward. You only want the units killed at the bg's below to go towards the reward from your highest level BG that you do not have a quest for.

Increase reward yield by having your barns, whear house full with gold, iron, and food. activate your paragon, activate dragon stone boost, activate 20% ofe/def boost. Use Hero equipment, dragon, and fort to buff ofense and defense. Delete all grand marshall reports

Oberon might send resources if he thinks you need them equal to the reward or mixed with unit rewards. not sure if deleting grand marshall reports is to trigger reward or avoid confusion.

 when doing battle ground lvl 8-lvl 12 your ofense or defense which ever you are focsuing on mre should already be around. 30,000- 150,000 force 

You should have around 150,000-250,000 ofe/def force in your catacombs while doing battle grounds lvl 12- lvl 25

Complete detailed report BG's lvl1-lvl100

EDIT: 1/27/17 EDIT 2: 2/10/17


A. Next we have raiding..... you want 10 raid parties... you can only raid 10x a day....

now you want to make sure not a single unit dies while raiding.

now you want to take as much resources as you can afford to stockpile in barns whearhouses, you can get 15k of each resources from raids... so this means 1500 pikemen/150knights will bring back 15k of each resource. 50k a week from each castle limit so you only need to raid each castle once a week....

you need targets so you start in a 20 mil radius.. only safe way is to send 20pikemen or 1archer if you're cheap to siegie the castle you want to check for resoruces so you don't kill your spies off fast see how much you can kill with a few infantry units.... then depending how you feel about it send 5 spies to each target, check everything twice...

Now you want to mark your searched areas by siezing inactive castle in the area and then adding the target to your contacts with some notes....

at somepoints you want to practice knocking castle doors down and killing units for sport with teams of expendable tained and converted units from bg's small teams enough to do damage you can afford to reapair fast.... 

to get more then 50k resources from a raid. (

EDIT 1/19/17 EDIT 2: 2/10/17


If you want to siegie a player or a beacon, hamlet, or settlement you will send a offensive force after you have spied. This offensive force will have defense with it depending on how agresive and seriously you want to siegie. the ofense is needed to take out the enemy defense so your defense can get in there. You'll pull out all of the ofense from the siegied castle thorugh your castle keep the tallest building in your castle in the garison tab the second it lands or risk losing it all. You can send a ofenseive force alone and pull out all but 1 units and send a defnsive force that will reach it in anywhere under a hour... 

EDIT: 1/1917

League defense

Everyone should have one aecher at everyones castle regularly. If your unit is killed or spied on you should report it to league chat and your marshall or any captain to let others know of the possible attack..

Sending archer to each others castles can be faster if you add all the members in your league you know are active daily to your friends and then go to your castle keep. Go to contacts tab from here. You can drop down a menu by clicking next to the player you want to send defense to and you will see a send reinforcements option....

Everyone should have one aecher at everyones castle regularly. If your unit is killed or spied on you should report it to league chat and our marshall or any captain to let others know of the possible attack..

In the face of a possible attack you should be defending with multiple players or not at all... Defense is the life blood of a league. No defense makes your league useless at capturing objective: forts,siegies,beacons,hamlets, and settlements...

80% of defense will never see the light of day until that 20% rises as you gain more defense. that is all that can be touched....

To use defense you'll want to add the person your trying to defend to your firends list. This is done by going to the map and going outside of the players castle. Hover the mouse over the outside of a players castle and you will see a + icon. To accept The friend request you will see the tab on your plarium profile click you name in the top right corner when you exit full screen to go to your profile.

If the player is siegied first the units should turn around and head home. If you send them after your friend is siegied it will end up crashing into the defense of the enemy and die since defense units have no ofensive stats.

EDIT: 1/19/17

Castle defense

A.Don't let you units die unless you want to make you enemies think they hurt you.

b) Always ensure your troops are put into Catacombs when you log out.

c) Spend most of your resources before you log out (or if you see and incoming raid)

d) Ensure you have some archers on hand, say 50.

d) Start accumulating Spies and hide most them away in Catacombs.

e) Add Sentries (from Fortifications) on top of Towers or Gates. These two, 6a & 6b will deter the enemy from spying on you.

f) leave out around 10 spies and check often for spy attempts or incoming raids.

f)Look strong! have the stats on your profile page offense points, defense points and raid points at, at least a mil.


EDIT: 1/27/17

League structure


Make a scroll team that look like this.

ANBU Bobbindale x:-1255 y:-995 Divine Blades and Horsemenship

ANBU Rouser x:580 y:1366 smuggling wayfaring

ANBU Hunter x:-474 y:-1300 Heraldic Armour, Chivalry

ANBU Skhalifa x:-1409 y:-1430 Alliance of Tribes

ANBU Melvin x-1099 y:-1430 waters of life

ANBU Sabisabi x:846y:-1260 Brans Legacy

ANBU Ishmale x:-139 y:-1579 Light of Eldur

Apoint members in your league to collect lost arts by never discovering them. They can only collect one type of scroll. Have them accept donation and trades with leaue members. Teach them how to use the market to obtains missing scrolls in the collection or to get passed the 2 scrolls a day limit. they must be active and talk in league during multiple points of the day and respond to messages fast.


Split your players into groups based on where they are located on the map. have players stationed around your fort, beacons, marshall and every corner of the map and be ready to strike any where on the map moving players with castle relocations to reinforce certain parts.

Have each member in a group spread out in a 20 mile radius from each other and looking for raid targets to enusre fast castle production. Have the league share raid targets.


Have each squad Report, communicate, discuss and check everything twice. have them send 1 archer to every member in their squad only.

EDIT: 1/27/17


1. Wait until Plarium drops new beacons and be the one of the first league to lay claim to one of them.

A. you need to stack at least 10million right away as close to a hours time of when you captured it.

B. make sure your league within 24hours stacks 40million defense or more into it.

C. Have more defense being made around the clock at least 10 mil a month.

 Relocate your castles all around your beacon. Make sure the people around it are ready to send more defense if needed and recapture it if you must. Have them use boost to protect their castles from attacks and spies. The must attack any players who relocate their castles next to your beacon to try and catch their offense out if they attack your beacon or try to position their castles to capture your beacon

If you find a league that you want to take a beacon off of You would need 60million offense or more or don't bother with it at all since they could have more than that stacked into it.

 Once captured stack 5-10million defense right away.

Position your leagues castle all around the beacon and move some guys around other top players in the league your attacking and your league is ready to relocate when they relocate.

 All the guys attacking your beacon you captured must all have multiple raids incoming from your league to land every 5 minutes at their castle consisting of 500,000k offense or more You want to catch their offense and small amount of defense at the beacon if they recapture it using a few memebrs to take turns hiting it ever 5-10 minutes or less if they are right next to the beacon to stop them from stacking defense. Hit their castles fast and hard so they will use boosts to protect their units at their castle. Make sure you  make them pay for not using boosts.

While they are focused on this battle you can use the moment to tart a fight on another part of the map with another beacon that belongs to them that they will have trouble covering their selves and defending other part of their territory. 500k offense can take our 20million offense if their is no defense to protect it.

Beacons Read comments :

EDIT: 1/27/17


1.Don't lay down a fort on the map unless you have 40mil defense at hand to put into it or it will drop to level 0.

2.The fort level starts off at 3, it locks at level 5, then 8, not being able to drop below 5 onced locked and then 8 once reached after 5/

3.Stack defense once droped at level 3, reach level 5 as fast as possible, to reach level 8 you will need to drop a level 6 fort back down to 5 to reach level 7 then a level 7 fort to reach level 8 locking it in at level 8.

4. To knock other players forts down you will need many good eyes watching the map for other league upgrading forts or a deal made with other leagues to take trun knocking each others forts down levels to reach the next levels.

Keep fort empty when locked at level 5 and level 8 when not trying to level it up.

EDIT: 1/27/17


find a empty hamlet and then send 1 paladin to capture it. once capture send a large defensive force as reinforcements only to begin extracting the resources, do not send more then 20% of your defense Use trained units only or units got through conversion equaling no more then 20% of your defense. Not many will spy first they'll send a a full force in the millions to kill your defense for pvp!

EDIT 1/27/17


More edits to come. I manage a league. Having dealt with 100's of players starting in 2014 showing everyone their limits. What this game has showed me is it's hard to get comfortable with the competitive nature of war and leagues.. There is eureka moments and times of success but staying consistent in games and life never becomes easier unless you work on your drive.

people who say they want to succeed after failing say they want success and tell about all the good things they'll do promising they'll make it next time. what should be said to them is "don't tell me all the things you plan to do tell me what you've done so far to get here"

this game is a fun game but the learning curve is steep more than other game and RTS players show up here knowing they want to have a good time. In order to like the game you either show up to be the best you can be at it. The ones who quit this games are the ones who show up and are just trying things out and see if they can have fun.

There's a high drop rate of people who don't log in everyday who eventually quit and if they do make it to a high level not knowing how to play they don't match up to level 50's who do and have less fun.

I do my best to have fun and encourage players to learn the game knowing the steep curve i want to have fun. By teaching players and seeing how my league stands up to other I realize i have to try harder or the problems will be endless and my performance will decline.

the fun you have is dependent on your self and how hard you try. Watch this video it's serious and it's hard to relate this guide and the video but the obstacles in this game are from facing off against very skilled leagues and players in groups who grasping what they see and do and how they improve isn't see able for you as it is for me and to help ramp you up for playing this game this video should help you reflect on your self and improve.

Edit: this whole guide was hard to put together and gather my thoughts. even making edits i'm still going over how to word everything so it will be while for the next edits. There's tons more on beacons other leagues in the game and how exactly i knew how to start a league and always bring in new members pretty simple and easy to get the wrong ideas of what a new league needs to do to succeed. basics are for the new player i'm involved with more advanced ways of operating and leading a league.

/Thank you for reading this please comment what you like about it and get more attention to this guide so new players and leagues will have more knowledge available to them giving more diversity to or server. I have a lot more to learn and share.

Special thanks to FOH Strozini, ANBURageon, Fire Legion Classic, ANBU toddylot, FOHDriggyGG, ANBU mbro, ANBU Iminmen, DAM riles, Apocalypse Rjinco and Wolfcus  for making my time here a great experience you are all a inspiration. Finally thank you to my league The ANBU Black Ops for believing in me.

The Darkness of the Shinobi
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3 June, 2015, 8:57 AM UTC


It's just awesome!!! Did you gather all this experience from your League (I see you have mentioned other players on this thread) or it's just your personal one?

Oberon, Heir of Veyon, Scion of the Firstborn, Lord Regent of Stormfall
UTC +2:00
3 June, 2015, 9:46 AM UTC

Thank you!! It is from both my personal experience and my league. All of those people have helped me in putting this together.

The Darkness of the Shinobi
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3 June, 2015, 3:20 PM UTC

thanks!!!! nicely detailled happy hunting

UTC +0:00
3 June, 2015, 6:47 PM UTC

nice work AMBU and nice explanations


Resistance Is Futile
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3 June, 2015, 8:26 PM UTC

Congratulations for the complete guide ... in all its parts, a really good job

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4 June, 2015, 12:25 AM UTC

Pretty good guide. I just wanna add that in this game level does not represent one's power/capability.

I've seen several players at lv 60 with over 500k siege points (that points is actually battlegrounds points but since plarium still calls it siege points ... >_>) and pitiful raid points. Those are the players that busted most if not all of their troops in the battle ground. Don't be that guy.

However, I've also seen some lv40-50 who has over 500k offense and/or defense which is amazing.

Be patient and don't be deluded by level.

Fighter Sifr of Fellowship
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4 June, 2015, 1:06 AM UTC

Thank you! Great point.

The Darkness of the Shinobi
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4 June, 2015, 2:09 AM UTC

Good job, Danzo! I wish I'd had this when I started.

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11 June, 2015, 4:38 PM UTC

Thanks for the great advice!!

Ilex Regina
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12 June, 2015, 5:14 PM UTC

Any thoughts on the minimum defensive strength necessary to hold a beacon? I understand it will very greatly, but I'm looking at the defensive strength a league needs in order to begin thinking about the possibility of being able to defend a beacon.


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12 June, 2015, 5:41 PM UTC

40-100 million it will grow more in time. the more time a lords offense has time to grow the more available it becomes to leagues. A serious league wouldn't risk defense. Right now to me seems like a bad time and getting worse lords with massive forces have grown and are after every reward. I would leave 100 million at a beacon as well as be cautious and ready to pull all troops out the beacon ahead of time and have maybe 200 million defense all together to  have more options. better to look strong if you lose a beacon and wait for a better time it might be a long wait you're looking at.  A lot of time needs to be invested in a beacon to gain any advantage from one. Calculate and decide what exactly you intend to gain and for what purpose. Billions of forces have been lost already some leagues might have the whole 200mil and a full wallet. 

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13 June, 2015, 8:07 PM UTC

Awesome, this thread help me understand alot more in a short amount of time. Thanks for the insight.

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Thank you so much, I'm glad I found this before I got too far lol just started three days ago so this is very helpful.

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18 June, 2015, 4:06 AM UTC

Thanks ANBU Danzo Shimura for making this available to all. You have some helpful posts and I love your team page post. If you don't mind I might take this document and eventually rework it, add to it, change bits and use for my team, acknowledging/crediting that it is based on yours. I hope that's OK. Kind regards Marshall DoubtingThomas (formerly Elixia - I must change my profile here some time lol) INTEGRITY

Seeking Truth
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1 July, 2015, 12:39 PM UTC

Thanks very much for this guide, ANBU Danzo Shimura. if you dont mind.. i would like to translate this for the german forum to make it available for new players there too :) (that will take some time, as its a looong guide ;) ). Great work !

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2 July, 2015, 10:32 AM UTC

Great guide and very safe battleground guide. I have made armies in battlegrounds, but seen others lose theirs there. Play smart and safe :) gj

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Sweet, so helpful! Thank you!
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31 October, 2015, 2:04 AM UTC
Love this game!!!!!
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New to the boards. Info is useful. I still feel like I'm tripping through this all.
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