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Juglar del Viento
15 June, 2017, 7:56 PM UTC

Dear Lords

im going to explain you how to insert a screen shoot when u are making and answer on a thread or create a new topic

that can help all us in a quick way than using only words

here we go

first of all i use a program named 'lightshot' and u can find it here

once installed, if you want to make a screen shot all you have to do is press key 'imppnt' in ur keyboard (note: i have 'imppnt' cause my keyboard is in spanish. you have to look for ur key usually is placed over the num pad keyboard at top right of ur keyboard and in english i think is 'PrntScrn' or something similar)

once the key is pressed an area will appear to select the area to take the screen shot. and you have some options.

we are going to use upload option:

once clicked on upload a mini window on botton rigth will appear to upload it and when ready it will ask u to copy the link or open the link

we will choose 'open the link' and in ur browser will appear a new tab with the image

put the mouse over the image and click with the right buttom of mouse:

a contextual menu will appear and choose 'copy image link'

now on ur post, thread or topic you have to click on the tool insert image

a new window will appear. then paste the copied link in the first field and press 'confirm'

your image will be added here in the text

and that is all for today dear lords...hope this will be usefull for u


Resistance Is Futile
UTC +1:00
15 June, 2017, 8:13 PM UTC

Thanks Lord Juglar. I was about to post something similar.


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15 June, 2017, 11:21 PM UTC

good post jug

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