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Contents -

What is Stormfall………………….I

Getting started…………................II

Ways to get more sapphires……..III

Buildings - Resources…………....IV

Buildings - Command……………V

Buildings - Military…………….....VI

Buildings - Fortifications………....VII

Buildings - Improvements……….VIII


Saga Quests……………………..X

Player Vs Player………………….XI





Useful Links…………………….XVI

User Interface......................XVII

Guide – Everything you need to know to play Stormfall.

I - What is Stormfall

Stormfall is an MMO strategy game in which you can build up your empire and defeat other players and NPCs alike. You will have to train and upgrade units, complete quests and upgrade buildings in order to advance.

II - Getting started

When you first start out you will be under Novice Protection and no one above level 30 will be able to attack your Castle. You should definitely take this time to complete as many quests as possible. Quests not only serve as a tutorial for the game, they will also reward you with XP and resources required to advance through the game. You can find all available quests on the left side of your screen. Lord Oberon is going to explain to you and teach you what to build in order to get you up and running. Following Oberon’s instructions is a must for the simple reason, you’ll level up faster and it’s the fastest way to get sapphires and resources without being delayed.

Protecting Your Units: As you continue to progress in Stormfall you will eventually lose your Novice Protection. This means that you will be vulnerable to attacks from other players. Higher level players could easily destroy your entire army in a single battle. For this reason you should really utilize the Catacombs.

By the time you reach Level 15 or so you should have a good enough grasp on the mechanics of Stormfall to create your own strategies. Researching new units in the Lost Arts area, upgrading units/buildings and completing quests will allow you to advance past your enemies.

III - Ways To Get More Sapphires

Leveling Up – Each time you gain enough XP you will level up, Sapphires can be one of the various rewards for doing this, in StormFall levels do not have a massive impact other than rewarding players for participation.

Quests – Quests will usually reward you with XP and units. You may also acquire sapphires from certain quests. Be sure to complete as many quests as you can; they will allow you to progress through the game much more quickly. (my quests are only for units, but I can assure you, you can get sapphires)

Hamlets – Once you build the House of Lords you will be able to locate Hamlets. Conquering and defending Sapphire Hamlets will allow you to collect Sapphires. Note: Sapphire filled Hamlets are usually the most difficult to hold since all players want Sapphires.

Rankings – Players each week will earn Sapphires for being on top of the rankings list. Categories include raiding, besieging, battlegrounds, offense and defense. This is the most difficult way to obtain Sapphires if you are not a high level player.

Forum Contests Offers – are a great way to earn Sapphires using your creativity. Follow this link to find them: 

IV - Buildings - Resources

Townhouses - Townhouses are the primary way to passively collect gold. You can make a maximum of 5 Townhouses. Each Townhouse will provide you with additional gold per hour, Up to 350 at level 20. Gold is primarily used for creating defensive units such as Archers.

Mines - Mines are the counterpart to townhouses and provide iron, You can build up to 5 mines and they will provide 350 iron per hour at the max level. Iron is mainly used for building offense such as pikemen and paladins.

Farms - Farms are used to produce food for your units. Food is used for multiple purposes, including upgrading lost arts and buildings. If your troops eat more food than you produce you will start losing food, If this happens it will make it harder to upgrade buildings and lost arts. Farms can produce up to 4,000 food per hour.

Barns - Barns are used primarily to store food. You can build up to 3 barns, each barn can hold up to 73,326 food. You are required to level a barn to level 20 before building a new one.

Warehouses - Warehouses are used to store gold, iron and Maranian amulets. You can store 73,326 of each resource, and build up to 3 warehouses for your castle. You must upgrade 1 warehouse to level 20 before building another.

Catacombs - Catacombs are used to safeguard your resources and units if you get attacked. Your catacombs will protect up to 50% of resources (Serge remove this if not correct/this is not correct for kabam). All units that are put in the catacombs will remain unharmed after an attack upon your castle.

Dungeons - The dungeon is the lost art for the “Light of Eldur”, when you discover it and build it, it will provide a permanent bonus to your gold production. 5% per level up to a maximum of 25% (5 levels).

Forge - The forge provide iron the same way as the dungeon does, Once you discover “Brans legacy” and you build it, it will provide you with a 5% permanent iron boost, up to 25% (level 5)  This is important for building and maintaining offensive units and buildings. 

Spring of Life - The Spring of Life is the first resource Lost Art you will discover, it provides you with up to 25% food production, scaling at 5% each level of the building. It works the same was as the Forge and Dungeon

Altar of Weor - The Altar of Weor is purchasable by using 1,000 sapphires. It provides you with 25% gold and iron at the max level of (6). This building does not cost anything to upgrade, however if you are raided it will be destroyed and you have to rebuild it back up to gain the benefits. (This is a recommended purchase early game)

V - Buildings - Command

Sanctum of Shards - The sanctum of shards allows you to access and use your crystal coffers, Crystals provide a bonus to units, Each crystal has different properties and are better for certain units. You can also combine 2 of the same crystal to level it up, and providing a higher offense/defense for the crystals.

Temple of War - The temple of war is used to store and hold powerful relics, Each relic can be either activated to grant a powerful bonus or sold for gold, iron and food. Relics are won from glorious battles or collecting them from their  Hamlets

House of Scrolls - The house of scrolls is where your lost art scrolls are stored, You can monitor what scrolls you have and need to complete certain lost arts, sell scrolls for gold, iron and food or exchange them for another scroll you may need on the market.

Market - This is the place where you can trade resources with another player, or scrolls. You are able to set the rate at which to sell your resources. Upgrading your market will grant you additional caravans which will provide you with a bigger carrying capacity.

Embassy - The embassy allows you to create alliances with other players and also allows you to search for leagues. Once you find a league you will be able to see information about your league, such as who is active, and how far away they are from your castle.

Obelisk of Power - The obelisk of power allows you to use “skull runes” to upgrade certain units without giving them a power boost. The upgrades include, reduced build time and increased movement speed, Along side some additional benefits such as decreasing the food consumption of your units.

House of Lords - The house of lords allows you to capture Hamlets, Hamlets include sapphire mines, resource mines (gold/iron/food) and amulet shrines. Upgrading the house of lords increases the amount of Hamlets you may have at any time.

Eagle’s nest - The eagle nest provides plenty of useful information and is the key way to participate in battlegrounds and saga quests. It is also used to find Hamlets near you, Levelling up the eagles nest will allow it to find Hamlets further away from your castle.

Thieves guild - The thieves guild provides your caravans with a permanent boost to their carrying capacity, Each level up gives a bonus +10%. This requires the “Smuggling” lost art to build.

Traders’ inn - The traders’ inn provides a speed boost to your caravans, allowing them to travel to the destination and return home faster than they would without the boost. This requires the “Wayfaring” lost art to build

Altar of Mara - The Altar of Mara is built by completing the lost art “Alliance of Tribes” The building will allow you to create Maranian amulets, These amulets are used to create “vampire” units such as seekers, lost ones and reiter's. You can find which units require Mara amulets by looking at the black market under “Soulstones”.

VI - Buildings - Military

Keep - The keep is a key military building, It shows you what units you have in your castle, and if anyone is defending you. You can also collect resources from your fiefs here, as well as Hamlets. You can see what units you have where, for example if you are defending an ally, and you can also monitor your troops movement.

Sentry House - The sentry house is the first military building you will build. It allows you to unlock and produce infantry units. Infantry units are incredibly powerful and will most likely be the large amount of your army population wise.

Crypt - The crypt allows you to summon Wraiths, Wraiths require no resources to build and require no food to maintain, You may only summon a limited amount per day however. Wraiths can be used for both offense and defense.

Hall of Shadows - The hall of shadows allows you to build bestiary units, bestiary units are typically the most powerful units. The first type of bestiary unit you will be able to build are silent ones, silent ones are used for spying alongside succubus and assassins.

Order of Knights - The order of knights is the military building used to produce cavalry. Cavalry is faster and stronger than infantry but require more resources to produce. The first 2 cavalry units you will produce are the Nomad and Knight.

Council of Mages - The Council of Mages is used to produce occult units such as golems, warlocks and necromancers. Occult units are stronger than cavalry but are normally slower. The first occult units you will produce are golems and warlocks.

Infirmary - The infirmary is a key building for defending your castle and strengthening your army. If you choose to defend an attack on your castle and you lose units you will be able to revive a certain percent of what you lost.

VII - Fortifications

Fortifications are the building blocks of any strong defense. All fortifications can be leveled up to (5) however require the same level of lost arts to be unlocked before you can progress. All fortifications give castle defense depending on what it is and what level it is

Walls - This is your main Fortification, it will cover the most area and is a solid defense bonus, especially once leveled up. That is not to say you could have an entire castle defense of gates if you wanted.

Towers - Towers along with Gates are required in order to place Ballistas, Sentries and Catapults. They can also be used to link the walls on the corners without leaving any spare space. Towers provide very high defense and are only slightly more expensive than walls.

Gates - Gates are the exact same as Towers, except cover more ground and have the highest defense bonus out of all fortifications. They do however cost more than the Tower and Wall.

Ballista/Catapult - The Ballista and Catapult are both equal and provide no additional benefit other than cosmetic choice. Both of which can be placed on top of a Tower or Gate to provide a secondary layer of defense. However they do cost a lot of sapphires in order to produce so it is not advised to purchase these before other things.

Sentries - The Sentry is essentially the same as the Ballistas and Catapult except they provide additional bonuses to spies instead of defense. They are also required to be built on top of a Gate or Tower and follow the same leveling requirement as the other fortifications.

I see a lot of people ask about how the spying/castle defense mechanic works with fortifications - Each 100 points provides a 1% bonus to all your units. So if you have 1,000 defense guarding your castle and have 500 castle defense, your defense will be boosted by 5% giving you 1,050 total defense (This defense bonus is invisible). Same applies for spies.

VIII - Improvements

Improvements work in a similar way to fortifications, except for a few key differences. Improvements can only be placed within the walls of your castle and some provide a defense bonus and castle defense bonus to your castle. Some Improvements act as defensive units, as well as boosting your castle’s defense.

Summoner - The summoner has a unique ability to repair your castle guards quicker, Castle guards consist of the following; Altar of Weor, Immortals, Crusader, Belrathian Guard, Red Dragon, Hydra, Troll. They will be able to revive those units/buildings quicker than naturally reviving them. Remember you can always ask allies to visit your castle and revive them instantly!

Immortals - They function the same as the other castle guards except are bought with 5k gold/iron/food instead of sapphires, you can have up to 5 of them at any time and will always help protect your castle. These are typically the first improvements players will purchase.

If the enemy successfully raids you during a battle, or besieges your castle (including fireballs) your guards can be killed in battle. However they can all be revived.

Also remember that when the Altar of Weor gets knocked over the Summoners will only affect the 1 minute it takes to rebuild the Altar, afterwards the Altars build speed is affected by your town hall’s level as it is considered a building and not a castle guard.

All other Improvements besides the ones listed above are for cosmetic purposes and allow you to customize your castle as well as providing a defensive bonus. This is the key way to design a castle you are truly proud to say you own while making a formidable defense.

Additionally there is a tab in the Black Market labeled “Fortresses”, Fortresses provide a permanent castle defense bonus as well as providing a custom skin to the view of your castle on the map view.

IX - Battlegrounds

Battlegrounds are the main content for most players, alongside PvP and Beacons. Battlegrounds reward all types of things, ranging from Experience to units to skull runes. Battlegrounds can be participated in from the Eagle's nest building, Battlegrounds require a player to build their own strategy and there is not 1 perfect guide on how to participate and get rewarded for them however most players find that only using units you can rebuild quickly such as cavalry and infantry are the best units to use for them. Legendaries and eldritch units typically do not reward as much as other units you can make.

X - Saga Quests

Saga Quests work the same as Battlegrounds except it is a scripted event and will always turn out the same, so if you play on different servers you can develop a good strategy to complete them without losing a lot. Saga quests have a preset reward, so finding the ideal amount of units to complete them without losing a lot is ideal. All Saga Quests reward more than the enemy forces have, so if you do a bit of math on what the reward is you can have a guess at what the enemy forces will be.

XI - Player vs Player

Player vs Player is arguably the main form of content in Stormfall and other Plarium titles. Not much else can be said about it except one player is attacking and one is defending, so make sure you use the correct units depending which one you are participating in.

XII - Beacons

Beacons provide Dark Essence, which is a highly sort after commodity for all players. If you or your league can capture a Beacon and hold it for a period of time, Balur will attack it with some of his forces, if successfully defended the beacon will be rewarded with Dark Essence. Dark Essence can be used from the Embassy > Beacons tab. When you choose to darken your units with the essence it will provide a permanent 2% offense and defense boost to the unit as well as decreasing the food it consumes. Beacons are a very common spot for huge battles and big PvP events.

XIII - Hamlets

Hamlets can provide any of the following;

  • Gold
  • Iron
  • Food
  • Relics
  • Mara’s Amulets
  • Sapphires

Hamlets can be located in the Eagle's Nest -> Hamlet tab. Each Hamlet allows you to collect the resources based on your defense (units carrying capacity) at the Hamlet, assuming you control it. Much like Beacons, Hamlets are common for big PvP battles.

XIV - Offense/Defense

Offense - Offense is used when attacking castles, beacons, Hamlets, battlegrounds (offense). Offense units typically require more iron than gold to produce. Offense units are 2x stronger than defense units, however require 2x longer to produce and more resources. Offense units perform poorly while defending and should be used carefully. Try not to send out raids if you are not going to be online when they return as they will be free targets.

Defense - Defense is the counterpart to Offense and should only be used when defending, for the same reason offense should not be used to defend they have far lower stats and become easy targets. Defense gets built a lot cheaper and faster than offense however provide less stats.

Besieges can have confusing mechanics so I will try to explain it here.

When you Besiege a castle, you are effectively attacking them so you need to use offense to be able to breach the castle defenses. However once they are besieged you are actually the defending player which can leave your offense wide open for an attack if you are not quick enough. To break a besiege you need to use offense, even if it is your own castle. Some people like to let a player besiege them and then immediately break it with offense to kill off that players offense before they can recall it.

 XV - Relics/Crystals

Crystals are obtained through a number of different ways including, raiding/defending castles, daily quests, daily login rewards and purchasing them in the Black Market. Crystals can provide a percentage boost to any unit type of your choosing, including Offense - Defense and Infantry, Cavalry, Occult, Bestiary. Merging 2 crystals into 1 in the sanctum of shards will level it up and provide a more powerful crystal providing bigger bonuses to the unit type you select. Each crystal can be leveled up to 12. In the Sanctum of Shards, if you scroll over a crystal it will give you a small tooltip on what it does and how it impacts your units. If the crystals tooltip is green it is used for defense and will tell you exactly what unit type it affects, offense crystals are red.

Mara’s Justice = Defense Bestiary

Ran’s Mercy = Defense Occult

Endurance = Defense Cavalry

Hildr’s Power = Defense Infantry

Veyon’s Speed = Offense Bestiary

Dana’s Light = Offense Occult

Lovar’s Mana = Offense Cavalry

Bran’s Might = Offense Infantry

Relics provide boosts to a wide variety of units and other things including resources and castle defense. Relics are rewarded randomly from battles and collecting from Relic Hamlets. In the Temple of War you will find 4 sections, Sanctuary, Reliquary, Bonuses and Activated. Relics can be stored, activated or sold for resources.

Sanctuary - The Sanctuary is where all relics will appear whenever you receive them, for example, from battle. You can move them from here to either the Activated section or the Reliquary. Keep in mind that Relics will disappear after several days if not moved into either the Reliquary, Activated section or sold off for resources.

Reliquary - This functions exactly the same as the Sanctuary except allows for permanent storage of Relics you may want to hold on to for later, Relics will not disappear after a certain amount of time if stored here.

Activated - This is where all relics in use are displayed.

Bonuses - Provides the information on all activated Relics and what the Relics are doing to increase your military or resources.

A full list of Relics is provided in this link for you too go have a look at ->

XVI - Useful Links -> Plarium Support Desk, In case you need to make a ticket asking for in-game assistance. -> Plarium FAQ and additional information. -> A full list of Plarium’s Browser games, including Stormfall. -> Plarium’s company website.{"UserId":604611,"UserName":"Mehnslayer"} -> In case you wish to message me directly.{"UserId":20817,"UserName":"Lord Oberon"} -> Direct message to Lord Oberon

XVII - User Interface

I have cut down the user interface in this image to maybe make it a bit easier to understand.

1- This is the friends bar, when you invite players or add them as friends they will appear here and if you click on the name of your friends (left click) it will bring up a drop down menu with a bunch of options including, send scrolls/resources/reinforcements. Link Is here ->

2- This is the chat box and the core social interaction among players, (I blanked out players text) On the right hand side of it you will notice 2 buttons, a radio/antenna and 3 I's.... The radio/antenna is regional chat and allows you to interact with anyone on that chat, this chat is not limited to who can join it... The second one is league chat, this is dedicated to your league specifically. Clicking on the box will bring it up so you can type.

3- This is one of the main parts of the user interface, From top to bottom the buttons are -> Black market (you can spend sapphires here on units/scrolls/resources) -> The construction tab, where you make all buildings and can decorate your castle -> The map is where you go to raid/siege castles and look for hamlets (along with the eagles nest) -> The lost arts tab allows you to upgrade your units making them stronger, as well as discover new units. -> The keep tab (2nd from the bottom) is where you can manage all your units, including production and garrisoned/marching units. -> The last tab at the bottom is for leagues specifically, this works like the embassy and allows you to join/find a league and view your current league.

4- The big box on the 4th portion is where your current sapphires are this is a premium currency and should be used wisely. Below that is the bank, this is where you can buy sapphires for real money. You will notice 4 buttons above that, The Cogwheel provides useful tools such as a link to support, the ability to turn off sound/music and the ability to swap servers. The flag next to it will let you swap languages. The third across (red on my screen) will display updates and additions to the game that you might want to read. The final is the question mark ( ? ) This is the in-game guide and provides you will details on most things, it can be a first reference for most players.

5- This is the main interactive part of the user interface. To begin with the 4 people in the middle are ->

  • The Grand marshal (in charge of all combat related reports)
  • The Lord Steward (in charge of all market/resource interactions including hamlets)
  • The Herald (in charge of allies and league member interactions)
  • The Scribe (In charge of new battlegrounds and lost art discoveries)

To the left of them is the a sticky note with "Day 1" this is where you can see the rewards you receive for logging in daily and what day you are on, it also displays your paragon level + bonuses, and if you have it active... for how long. Directly above that is a message icon with (2) This is the messages window, this can also include league wide messages from your leaders. To the right is your level/experience in the yellow bar and your castle name + coordinates. Where is says "Untamed Lands" is the server you are, clicking on that will allow you to swap servers. The button next to that with the 4 arrows pointing to a rectangle is the button to go full screen. 

6- At the bottom of the 6th part is a (assassin? I think) Clicking on this button will bring up your daily quests, these can be done 3 times per day and have a 6 hour cool down between each group of quests. The "5 hrs 46minutes" is how long it will be before I get more quests, the "5" is how many quests I currently have left. Above that is your normal quests, these are typically non-repeatable but provide better rewards, these can include your tutorial quests. Above that again, is 3 small squares, from left to right is -> Amount of units you have -> your castle's defense (increased by purchasing improvements/fortifications) -> your castle's intelligence (increase to spies effectiveness). Above that is your 3 main resources, scrolling over them will provide a tooltip including information as hourly production. On the very top of the screen is 3 more buttons, Left to right is -> Feats of valor, this is where you can be rewarded for your in-game achievements such as training units and creating alliances. -> the trophy is "rankings" this is where the top players will be and how well they did, you can also find out your stats by opening it up and clicking on "my rankings" -> The 3rd option is your personal profile, this displays your stats/levels and other useful information.

7- The final part of the user interface has a big (2 crossed swords) battle button, This will display all the information about previous battles you have been apart of, including if you won/lost and if your league has any enemies. 

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20 October, 2015, 2:46 PM UTC

A few suggestion on the post that you have provided above:

I think there has been changes in the sapphires part of levelling up reward

U might want to learn the game with completing the quest but getting above Lvl 30 with only few troops would make u end up getting easily destroyed by the enemies.

using the 3 day protection to get stronger would be better than just leveling up.

Plus the time in the lower levels can be used to rank in the top 10 on Global Quests. It is easier to do it when at low level rather than when at higher level

Should also mention House of Unity. This help is production boost as well.

Please Like the Post if you agree or if it helps
UTC +6:00
21 October, 2015, 1:12 AM UTC

Lord Warrior, 

I appreciate the feedback... This was written mainly from me and a member of plarium (that said I am mainly a player)

And I can tell you there is differences in mechanics so some of this may not be accurate and will be fixed up. For example we dont have the house of unity.

E 'n la sua volontade è nostra pace
UTC +10:00
29 October, 2015, 3:59 PM UTC
Mehnslayer said:

Lord Warrior, 

I appreciate the feedback... This was written mainly from me and a member of plarium (that said I am mainly a player)

And I can tell you there is differences in mechanics so some of this may not be accurate and will be fixed up. For example we dont have the house of unity.

Yup i thought so.. Additionally a tutorial with Images would be a better option. As they say picture says a thousand words..
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29 October, 2015, 4:00 PM UTC
I completely forgot all about this guide to be honest... I am not even sure if it is considered helpful, But I can start building it back up again if you think its worth my time over something else
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UTC +10:00
Morten Peterson
30 October, 2015, 4:59 AM UTC

Dear Lord Mehnslayer, 

I think it is a very useful, informative, helpful and appreciated guide.

It gives new/novice players a good grounding in what so far, has been in all areas covered to date. 

Appreciated by one of many that know these basics, for the time & effort in making/posting the guide, so that it will help many current & future players.

UTC +0:00
30 October, 2015, 6:36 PM UTC
Morten Peterson said:

Dear Lord Mehnslayer, 

I think it is a very useful, informative, helpful and appreciated guide.

It gives new/novice players a good grounding in what so far, has been in all areas covered to date. 

Appreciated by one of many that know these basics, for the time & effort in making/posting the guide, so that it will help many current & future players.

Agree. However if the guide would cover all aspects from Facebook version, Kabam version and the other Versions it would be much more helpful.
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31 October, 2015, 2:52 AM UTC
The guide above covers Kabam (as its my main forum + server) the rest would need to be filled out by another player as some mechanics are different. EG is catacombs do not protect resources on Facebook and Kabam does not have a house of unity. 
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UTC +10:00
15 November, 2015, 4:51 AM UTC
Thanks!! Is amazing!
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16 November, 2015, 7:08 PM UTC
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12 December, 2015, 11:52 PM UTC
Is this not complete??? I can't see anything in sections V!! & above. I think what is here is great & very well written. I would love to see much more. Infact, the game should already have a better manual out-of-the box. The in-game manual is far to brief & vague. More indepth coverage of battle mechanics & more is sorely needed. I commend you for your work.
Cry Havoc and let slip the dogs of war
UTC +5:00
13 December, 2015, 1:10 AM UTC
Honestly I keep forgetting to update it, it is not finished and I will continue work on it soon.
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13 December, 2015, 8:00 PM UTC
No problem Lord MEHNSLAYER. My browser doesn't always show all of the page content & was just wondering if I was missing something. And, I understand that this is a colosal undertaking, especially to do it right. A few of the posts I have read here have good content if you can decipher it. Some are poorly written & lack any form of puncuality & sentence structure. On the other hand, I found yours eay to read & understand. My hat's off to you & I look foreward to your updates here when you can get to them. No rush & thanks so much for your effort.
Cry Havoc and let slip the dogs of war
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14 December, 2015, 1:46 AM UTC
Besides images is there something else I should add? I just made a whole bunch of edits to it.
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15 December, 2015, 7:23 PM UTC
Mehnslayer said:

Besides images is there something else I should add? I just made a whole bunch of edits to it.
Might as well start on tapsites/repositories (idk what they'll be called here).  Settlements just disappeared, so it probably won't be long now. 
UTC +0:00
15 December, 2015, 7:58 PM UTC
Yea I'll update that tomorrow after the update :) Thanks bio
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23 December, 2015, 3:11 AM UTC
Thank you for the information.
UTC +6:00
26 December, 2015, 9:00 AM UTC
I just added some images as well as descriptions, can I get some feedback on it before I continue please? As it is a pretty big task to image everything and I don't want it to be useless information
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