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16 October, 2015, 6:54 PM UTC

Greetings, my Lords and Ladies. This post is to help the new players to join league ,be a part of the league and eventually leave the league for another league.

League - Introduction

A league is like a clan or a group of players under a single banner. It is important to join a league.

A player needs atleast LvL 5 to join a league. It is important that you join a league that is active even if it is not one of the top leagues. An active league would help you to grow, it will help you when facing adversary and the moreover help you to learn the game from their experience.

Joining a League

When you start the game, you have a quest to join a league. To join a league, you have to go to the Leagues tab or the Embassy building. We will cover how to join from both the approaches below (Refer the screenshot for visual reference):

Leagues Tab 


Click on the league tab -


Go to the join League tab

Here you have 2 options - You can either join any random league by clicking on Join Random League Button or join any league that you can see on the page. Please refer the screenshot below.

By this option you will join as a Neophyte instantly and then you will have to work your way up the ranks.

Embassy building -


Open the Embassy Building - 

Go to the join League tab

Here you have 2 options - You can either join any random league or join any league that you can see on the page.

By this option you will join as a Neophyte and then you will have to work your way up the ranks.

You can also go to the League Page and select the league you want to join from there.

When using this option, you will only be able to join the league if your application to the league is accepted. Please refer below screenshot to understand the League page.

It is usually a good practice to contact the Marshal or the captain in charge of recruitment of the league. Some leagues put these details in the League Introduction page.

Being a part of the League

Different Leagues have different aims. Make sure when you join a league you have your aim inclined to the League.

Some of the league aims are as below:

1. Beacon League - Leagues that are more inclined to hold beacons. If you want to use your offense and defense for some beacon action, this is the apt league for you.

2. Non Beacon League - A league that are not inclined to hold beacon but are more interested to attack and defend castles and other players. If you are not interested to keep your defense troops in the beacon and rather enjoy building and killing troops, then this is the apt league for you.

3. Training League - Leagues that are only designed to train new players. These are an extension of the big established leagues which try to spread awareness of the game, so that they can play better and grow stronger. For new players it is best to join such leagues.

When you are a part of the league, you should help the league in achieving their aims. There are many achievements that leagues have to obtain, you can help the league obtain those achievements in various way:

1. Doing battlegrounds

2. Training Units

3. Destroying enemy units

4. Doing Daily Quests

5. Raiding for Resources

6. Using Dark Essence from the beacon

7. Upgrading beacon using resources

8. Helping the league hold beacons

There are also multiple league Quests that are there for every league in which you can participate and help the league and yourself earn better rewards as mentioned below:

1. Basic Reward Pack - 1k each resource , 5mins Universal Boost, 10 Archers

2. Standard Reward Pack - 1 Paragon Point, 1k each resource , 10mins Universal Boost, 10 Paladins

3. Exclusive Reward Pack - 1 Level 1 Crystal Coffer, 1 Spells of Enhancement - 25%, 1k each resource, 2 Warlocks

4. Elite Reward Pack - 5 Paragon Point,1 Level 1 Crystal Coffer, 2k each resource, 1 Spells of Enhancement - 25%, 3 Wyverns

By helping the league achieve these you get various rewards like Skull Runes and Units. This helps the league grow in ranking as well by getting influence points. This is also a way of showing that you are part of the league, the league is always strong as long as members of the league play smart and become strong.

There are other advantages of being in a league apart from protection , support and getting League Quest rewards. There are Global Quests that give a multiplier basis the participation of the league. This helps you multiply your reward upto 2 times. Also there are Global Quests that are league based on the total league participation which help you get more rewards.

Being in an active league helps you in achieving more rewards and get stronger faster. These rewards include Sapphires, Universal Boost, Offensive and Defensive Unit, SoulStones, Resource boosts and much more.

Quitting a League

You can either quit a league and join a new one or get booted from a league. To quit a league you need to find you name in the league tab > My League> Member list (refer below screenshot)

and then click on the Red Trash Can icon shown in the screenshot below

Getting invited to a league

You can also get invited to a league. The league invites are shown in the allies tab of the Embassy building. Please see the screenshot below. 

Please note to join a league you need to quit your existing league.


You would be in Academy if u are a Neophyte. The Academy is created so that lower level players can join bigger leagues. Once you have joined a league you will need 7 days to be able to enjoy the privileges of the league like multiplier in the Global League Conquests.

A maximum of 10 players can be in the academy with a minimum player level as 5.

Please let me know if I have missed anything or you require any other help on this topic.



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