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22 September, 2017, 11:06 AM UTC

We players of Stormfall sign and comment underneath requesting Plarium in accordance to the general MMORPG games policy. And traditional practices that have thus been practiced in the general online gaming environment to extensively, without any exception whatsoever, roll back the gaming data back before the time the Emperors have been hacked.

These demand must be attained in order to guarantee players, particularly Emperors that Plarium is willing and able to practice and run these game in firm interest of the general players, and will not leave any stone untouched when dealing with hackers.

Plarium should also launch an immediate legal action in no less than 74 hrs against the hacker.

We the players don't support the general low life action of hacking and cracking accounts and demand that Plarium take thorough action against the criminals involved. The party must be made and example, and a law suite carried against these cyber criminal mastermind launched.

Cyber attacks must not be allowed in these game.

Plarium should thus assure the general gaming population that it is unwilling, and totally abhor hacking. Nor is it a willing party in acts of advancing or letting its game be carriers of hacking tools, and other illicit cyber criminality. 

Plarium must also assure its players that it will fix known system vulnerabilities and further secure the game against cheats and hacks, before a set date. 

Rolling back the game, must be Plarium act of showing total adherence to their players. 

Please sign or comment bellow and a mod will deliver these to Support. 

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22 September, 2017, 11:15 AM UTC

Seriously. How many other players would get affected both negatively and possetively by a roll back. People can claim hacking, cyber attacks whatever, how about fault of stupidity and own guilt? Should we start demand a test to see if player is smart enough to even play the game before allow them? You need to be "THIS" tall to ride this ride?

How about demadn of plarium to clamp down on account sharing, account babysitting, multiple accounts and so forth? Close them all down, ban them right?

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22 September, 2017, 11:57 AM UTC

Dear Lords

im going to close this thread cause i think this is not the place to discuss this.

if any player has any complain about this decisison please send the complain to Lord Oberon to study this.

on the other hand i think if you or any player has the total conviction of having being hacked what you have to do is to inform to the police about the case to investigate it. i also think this has been an issue that personal data arrived to wrong hands

about to sign and a mod will deliver.... if any of you want t do this please send a ticket to support about this circunstance and telling them why do u think u have been hacked or why do u think u have to be rolled back for this issue.

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