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Last beacon massacre issues

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7 August, 2017, 11:38 AM UTC

Hello. I have tried to contact in game support on 3 separate occasions and have had all 3 tickets deleted by the support team. You are my last ditch effort to resolve this issue as support refuses to reply. 

I participated in the last beacon massacre tournament and was provided with no option to revive the 90% lost. I lost over 15 million power in troops and per the tournament rules, should have been allowed to revive over 13 million power of those lost troops. Instead, the only troops in my healer tab where the 50% normal revive. 

I have screen shots of the open tickets that were deleted without response. I also have screen shots of all troops lost as well as current troop strength. 

It is extremely frustrating to be ignored 

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7 August, 2017, 11:48 AM UTC

Lord Fortfun

sorry to hear about that but sounds a bit rare that support deleted a ticket without any kind of answers.

as i can understand reading ur post im afraid u went to wrong place for reviving troops after the massacre. one massacre is finished u have to go to ur enfirmary building and look for a tab revive from massacre or massacre (i dont remembet the exact name now) but sure after massacres that tab appears on ur infirmary building. i understand u went directly to black market healing tab.

please try to send another final ticket to support if u want explaining all this and attaching the screen shots. the link u have to use is :

hope u can solve ur problem

Resistance Is Futile
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8 August, 2017, 2:33 AM UTC

I am not able to log in to the support desk with my game plarium password. Can you help me reset or log inIt allowed me to open a ticket without one, but won't let me log in to see if I have a response?

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8 August, 2017, 7:52 AM UTC

Just follow the link provided

When you arrive there select I didn't receive my purchase( Its my personal favorite when writing a ticket). Then fill in the form, select Items or in what items did you purchase. just fill in the form, click subimit and wait. Explain the situation as clear as possible, what happened ect.

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