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Welcoming Thread

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24 June, 2016, 3:53 PM UTC

Welcome to Stormfall: Age of War!

M'lords and ladies, welcome to Darkshine! Please, put your warm welcome here and say hello!
This thread will contain a brief guide of what you can do if you have questions, concerns, suggestions, etc.!

Important Information

  • Rules are found here; please make sure to read them!
  • Perhaps read this topic about being civil, it'll keep things calm.

Basic Information

  • If you have questions, this thread will definitely be helpful! Make a topic and ask ahead, or look around for already answered questions!
  • If you're concerned about anything, make sure to check this thread! It contains tutorials and much helpful stuff!
  • Is your fantasy overwhelming you with suggestions? This thread will be the place to put your imagination in!
  • The Wiki contains many explained items & topics, check them out!
  • If you see a minor issue within Stormfall, check the FAQ and this forum before contacting the Help Desk! There might be solutions around and it will consume less time for our hard-working Support Team.
  • Found a bug? Feel free to put up a topic in this thread; the development team will make sure this bug is whacked!

Hope this helped you m'lords and ladies!

Good luck on your journey!

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