sapphires taken on upgrades not set to boost

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5 December, 2017, 2:04 AM UTC

I recently did an upgrade to my Altar of Weor and instead of doing a normal upgrade it did a boost. I thought I must have some how messed up. That was over 700 sapphire and I would never use them for a Altar upgrade. Then tonight I went to do an upgrade on  my Council of Mages, level 19 to level 20. When I placed my cursor on it it showed me the amount of gold, iron, food I would need and saw I had enough then it showed me it would take 38 days also. Okay I click upgrade and when I look there was no upgrade bar showing on my building? So I clicked on it and it showed that the building was at level 20 and that is when I noticed that about 5000 sapphires were missing from my bank. I did not click on the boost this time and I am sure of it. I had a chat window open and the boost box was not even visable. Why now when I do upgrades where I am not using boosts is the game taking all my sapphires? 


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Agent Pavel
5 December, 2017, 10:26 AM UTC

Hello, Lord! I have contacted you via private messages. Please check it and specify the requested data.

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