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More detailed description of Events or How Plarium care about their players

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16 June, 2017, 4:55 PM UTC

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to discuss with you an interesting matter that happened with me a few days ago, while playing Stormfall and the reaction of the so called "customer support" of Plarium. So here we go.

Many of you know that a few days ago there have been 5 Legacy Battleground Tournaments active (Heat 1,2,3,4 and 5). Some of them have been running simultaneously. If you did not take part in them - no worries, just take a look at this screenshot:

In order to earn some points and rewards for this (and two other tournaments), I attacked 2 Battlegrounds. Here are the screenshots:


As you can see, the attacks were successful, but I did not receive Tournament Points (I am talking about the Legacy Battleground Tournaments, not Legacy Experience Exhibition, which points can be seen on the screenshot). I contacted Plarium's Customer Support regarding this issue and was informed that no points will be given for attacking Saga Battlegrounds. Well, ok this is not a problem, but how was I supposed to know about that??? If you take a close look at the description of the Tournament, you will not find any reference about Saga Battlegrounds!!! Nothing! I really find this unfair.

I think that a company, which cares about their customers/players, should do everything possible to assist them in such cases. What I do not understand is the official answer from Plarium:

"The issue in question concerns the game mechanics, which Technical Support Service does not normally address.

The thing is that the game is a complex MMO strategy with the myriad intricacies to learn and explore. To help our players get the knack of it, we have created Official Player Communities.

There, we have compiled a wealth of information on all aspects of the game, and our experienced moderators will gladly assist you in resolving any questions you may have about game features or mechanics.

Besides, our player community is an excellent platform to share experience, get game tips and learn about the upcoming events, and so much more.

With all that said, we have to consider this matter closed and that further requests regarding this issue will not be considered. "

The last sentence was a shock. In other words - you can write us an E-Mail, but we will ignore it. Wow! Amazing "customer service"! The logic of the answer is also astounding. So, before I attack a battleground, I first need to check the entire forum - maybe there is some hidden information, which can be useful. Fanstastic! Bravo! Keep on that good job! 

Here is the screenshot with the answer from Plarium's so called customer support:

Now here are my suggestions:

1. Whenever there is an event, make sure the description of the tournament is clear in order to avoid possible misunderstandings.

2. Teach your customer support, how to assist customers in solving their needs. A good start would be learning the definition of the words "customer" and "support".

What do all of you think about this?

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16 June, 2017, 6:30 PM UTC

I will avoid the fact that you ignored forum policies, and posted correspondence that you are forbidden to post. 

You are also not allow to discuss any issues you have with support team in the forum. 

Any communication between you and Plarium employee, including that between Moderator, is strictly private. 

With your issue, point mechanism are explained in every tournament. And we have a huge library in the forum and website explaining how point mechanism works how you earn points and and all. 

Saga quest don't earn you points because they are not BG and work differently compared to BG.

I hope you apologize for posting correspondence, before a moderator other than me give you 99 days ban😀😁😊

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