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multiple bugs in the browser and app

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27 May, 2017, 12:09 AM UTC

trace of troops send not shown.

menu of building do not open only when clicking on a very tiny area it activates

bonus program when clicked only event window opens

app resolution is non playable without scrolling 

app bottom part is cutt off so no comments can be entered

every couple of hour I need to empty the browser cache, when are you going to solve this instead of symptoms relief.


Similar cases haven't been noted 


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27 May, 2017, 10:45 AM UTC

I am not aware of these issues, But I will ask around. I seem like a serious matter and have pinned your post for in case similar cases exist. Meanwhile please submit a ticket to support immediately. 

Here is the link. 

After submitting a ticket please do these

Try using another browser(Opera, Chrome, Maxthon nitro, MS Edge, puffin)

 using incognito mode. IF that doesn't then try to use a VPN, browsec VPN extension could e useful Link.

If that doesn't help please let me know. 

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