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Un anounced Maintenace Again???

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17 May, 2017, 2:44 PM UTC
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Server Maintenance just popped up while Playing I thought that was done Yesterday !! 

Hello! There was a post in News and Announcements that we're going to update servers today. 

Can you please specify if you're able to play now? 

All the professional developers (and hell a lot of the unprofessional ones) have in game alerts, warning of upcoming maintenance and down time.

When an update is planned, we activate in-game warning. 
Perhaps it would be helpful if there was an "expected maintenance" schedule on forums warning players when server will be down a few days in advance, that way leagues that plan on doing a major attack or something can avoid those times. 
Unfortunately, when it comes for adding urgent fixes, it's impossible to predict this and warn players. 
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17 May, 2017, 11:20 PM UTC

This is the best joke of all from plaraium, ORACLE is now a Mod, were you brainwashed or bought? Those 2k sapps per week feeding your habit.

Sorry but I just couldn't resist after reading all his c r a p on BG he now tow's the company line with his brilliant statement (read directly from plariums playbook I am sure) "payouts will come sooner or later"

I can say with absolute certainty (and this may be the only time I agree with you) ORACLE is correct!!!!!!! yay, applause everyone.

Now put away the company response book. Getting a payout isn't the issue, the issue is trapped resources which are still climbing, the issue is having your BG double, triple or quadruple banked and hitting a level 60 to get the smallest portion of troops out so you can continue yet getting nothing with 300 mil in the bank, the problem is hitting anything over a 120 very rarely pays out more than 50% even if you have 400 mil in the bank, the problem is HOW THE F do we get our troops back out.

So we agree a payout will come eventually, everyone else actually playing high level BG agree's their troops are trapped, is that what plarium considers "functioning properly"

Please this question of the dev's, yes we get payouts, yes your employees who probably do not track all the free troops they want to use to get that payout agree I put troops in I get troops out. Can you with 100% certainty tell us that those who have tested are getting their resources back out at better than 90% of what was invested (not sure if this tax thing is real but the 10% is to cover that if it is) and is this tested doing BG up to and including level 170.

Is there even the smallest chance that when one of these upgrades moving the BG over 125 had a bug. Here is another question are these accounts they are testing established in 2014, maybe having 150 mil or 200 mil in the bank before the upgrade then playing after or are these just some new accounts started after the update with a clean bank, if so then these are not proper test accounts, we can't take someone who is immunized for a disease, teleport them back in time to the plague and then say "see no plague I am fine" as people die around you.

I need one more LOL or ROTHLMAO that oracle is now a mod
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