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Stormfall Most powerful Lords and Ladies 2015 2016

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14 May, 2017, 7:20 AM UTC

here is a thought

Stormfalls most powerful lords and ladies without credit cards=

wait for it

wait for it

yes you guessed it... its the bots aka master

he/she/it beats all of your list and makes money at the same time.

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14 May, 2017, 11:46 AM UTC

I did think that when I read the list.

So it made me quite proud to think that I haven't spent any money for about 1.5yrs and even before that it was a very modest spend of a box offer (if you remember the very old, pick one from 3 things) once in a while.
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15 May, 2017, 9:46 AM UTC
BiohazarD said:

Shin became active in the beacon map, during the last months of 2015. He was my marshal, and I know for sure he was the best in diplomacy negotiations. He was very good in convincing people to join his league, making it into what it is today. but as we know he left those roles in less than 6 month. So the question is, who would you rate higher between Shin and Frenzie. 

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You're joking right?  Shin was terrible at diplo, his double dealing was why Unforgiven leagues lost all their beacons for a while. 

I'd say Frenzie ranks much higher, since she's the one with the army. 
Your Difference with Shin might be judging that. But Shin was the best player in regards to negotiations, and we all know that. The Unforgiven family would have been doomed if it wasn't for Shin. 
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