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Hey Plarium, I just got CHEATED ON BGS SOOOOO BAD!!!!!! Tell me is this acceptable rewards????

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23 April, 2017, 7:32 PM UTC
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Hey Plarium, i dont know what u did recently to screw with the BGS but i just took out a lvl 98, 51, 38 and 33 BG and do u know what i got??????  About 350 dragons and 70 occult units!!!!!!!!! BULLLLLLLLSHHHIIIIII.......   I spend WEEKS training before i do bgs and i just threw away massive amounts of wyverns and dragons, paladins and knights ive spent WEEKS training and this is all i got?????  I know how the normal system works, its based off losses. So i melted down the 98, melted down the 51,melted down a lvl 23 Portal QUEST bg, then went and finished the 98. Then i got a CRAPPY reward of 295 dragons for finishing a 98..... Yes 295 dragons after all of that.... so i finished the 51 hoping to get the full payout.. Got 55 dragons.. PFFF, so i said thats still not good enough, let me take out a 38 and see.. Got 37 occult units..  STILL not good enough so i took out a 33 saying OK this time im actually gonna get the "real" payout... NOPE..... Another 33 occult units.... WHAT A LOAD OF HORSE SHIIII!!!! Totally inexcusable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am BEYOND PISSED OFF.... Do u know how much money ive spent on this game and i just got thoroughly ROBBED!!!!!!!  OK, thats the way it is??? Then I wont be spending any more money!!! Have it your way..SO STUPID AND RIDICULOUS CHEATING AND ROBBING A MASSIVE SPENDING CUSTOMER WHO IS AN EXPERT AT BGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  NO EXCUSE FOR THAT LOUSY PAYOUT!!!!!

  Go ahead and check my reports from 8:24 pm EST to 12:35 am EST and tell me do u think thats fair????

If you are hitting level 98 bg then you do not want payouts from level 51 etc
Yellowing lower level bg 'might' help towards your main payout, but finishing them is a mistake until after you get your main payout

Collecting 645 wyverna and 129 griffins from level 51 would deplete your resource bank which delays your main payout from the level 98

Sending 2.8 million to die at level 98 has always seemed like hard work to me :)

Plarium made some changes to how yellow barring affects the bank a few months ago, so you have to be careful with it now as you can end up with lots of res trapped. 
yeah it takes a lot of mucking about to try to get the res back out sometimes - eventually it will come in MOST cases I think but yes be careful otherwise you may end up having to build in order to get your army back out 
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