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Closing and Locking Topics

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14 March, 2017, 3:35 PM UTC

Eugenia Misura said:

Gadheras said:

Eugenia Misura said:

Lords and Ladies, there are some certain rules that were created so that Forum would be a convinient platform for communication. 

You can always find these rules here .

Some topics can be closed, because the answer on the question has been given and there is no need to continue conversation, some topics can be closed and deleted because of Rules violations and some topics can be closed because they are not of current interest anymore (you can find them in Archive).

So please, let's be noble and follow the rules, they're made for everyone's convenience. Otherwise, there will be a chaos on the Forum.  

Rather than have re-occuring posts happen all the time over the same subjects, its better to have "threadnoughts" that will eventually die out by themselfs. If players keep post about the same topics over and over, who is then right to say the topic is of no interest anylonger?

Rules is always nice as long as everyone follow them. (even moderators and admins)

Also to be a bit crude, if Plarium could get their shit together and deal with certain things such as Master and his army of bots. There wouldn't be much posts about it either wouldnt it?

I agree with you at some point. It's true that some topics moved down beause the subject had become out of interest. 

And there are some game related topics, which make interest for a long time and are always on the top. Players share tips, give advices and such tpics are useful to come back to from time to time. 

However, when it comes to discussion the alt accounts or bots, there is the only way to report them, it's our Support team. Both Moderators and I have posted that we can't held such reports here, on the Forum. That's why we ask you to contact our Support team and report such accounts there. And since the only answer we can give is to advice you to contact Support team, there is no point to  expand the discussion about such accounts further. 

The problem with bots and spam is something the players suffers from, but Plarium does little with. It doesn't matter how many times pictures, co-ords and so forth get posted on the forums, reported to support, if nothing happens, and no actions get taken. 

This is like a combination of catch 22 and chase your tail. People post on forums, get told file a ticket with support to report it, nothing happens, people post on the forums, rinse and repeat. I know a lot of these "bots" is considered raid content from Plariums side, but tbh, it would be much more beneficial in the long run to just deal with them and NUKE them, or be even more cruel, transfer all the bots and masters over to a own tiny server. 

As long as issues and problems keep exist, people will post about them. They don't become any less interesting because the subject been posted over countless times, it does however reflect back on Plariums failure to deal with this particular issue though. If Plarium can show us they serious about this, and start smash a sledgehammer to their caste walls then players will see reporting bots and such helps and put more effort into that as well. After this long time, frankly the ball is in Plariums corner.

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14 March, 2017, 8:13 PM UTC

Actually there is are many ways to deal with bots - ticket to support is just one approach.

If you were right then all other games companies are doing the wrong thing in their approach to tackling bots right!!!!!! Cause I can tell you that professional companies unlike yourselves don't expect the players to report them one by one.

There are a load more effective ways this could be done - which is ironically what most of the posts in the forum about bots are saying. So you just lock and delete new suggestions.

Support tickets are fiddly and time consuming for your customers. Not to mention you have now hidden the support function so the vast majority of players couldn't even find it.

Why not have a permanent thread where players can quickly and easily report bots, in a fact and convenient manner?

All you have to do is collect the castle locations from the thread every few days and pass them to support. Or is a tiny bit of your effort to save a huge amount of our time too much to ask? 

If it really is too much for you to bother - why not start a fast track reporting page, without all the hassle of the normal support part (select server, add city co-ords). Hell you could even add the function in game as one of the options that pops up in the wheel of options when you click on a city.

Why do I have to come up with these suggestions. What the hell do you guys do? You guys get paid to do a job right? Start looking like you care even just a little and get on with doing some useful stuff. 

The total lack of effort from Plarium is disgusting. All you are interested is collecting money, little else.

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14 March, 2017, 9:57 PM UTC

Plarium can data mine the crap out of their games. If other games out there can have effective tools to discover bots and such, shouldnt be to hard for Plarium either. Its down to the effort and somewhat cost of make it happen.

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15 March, 2017, 4:29 PM UTC

My Lords,

I believe that bot castles aren't helpful at all. Therefore, I support Legendslord idea for having permanent thread where players can quickly and easily report bots in convenient manner.

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