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Dont Play The Game if You Cant spend Dollar

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16 February, 2017, 5:23 PM UTC
Gadheras said:

BiohazarD said:

I prefer sub models in online game, but hey people is silly and then you get to places where have a full level 5 wall cost you the same as 6 "full price" copies of GTA 5, because we know the dev cost of Stormfall justify that right Plarium?

Stormfall does have a much smaller player base than AAA console games.  So I guess they need more money from each player in order to keep the servers open. 

That is a rubbish view. Because what happens when you make things more afordable? It draw people. More people spending some is better than few spending a lot. Because they notice a lot more when those few drop out than the average player spending some now and then. And if Plarium got such a small base, their numbers on their website clearly lying to us. Also, an AAA tittle can be console, PC, whatever, rpg, mmo, whatever too. I just used GTA5 as an example. Could just as well been Fallout4, Witcher 3 etc, its the compareable price aspect. 

Would you spend the same for like a Fiat as you would a Porche in rl? Why would you do it in a game?

Wow, I just checked their website.  250 million users... That must be majority mobile games.
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