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WIKI - Requiring Lots Of Information!

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17 January, 2017, 8:18 AM UTC

Greetings lords and ladies of Stormfall!
Please, heed my words!

I'm starting a big project for the wiki.
I'll try to gather a lot of information regarding the building/upgrading of constructions.

This includes:

  • All the building names;
  • Cost (Resources, sapphire for boost, time, sketches, etc.) for every¬†building and every level;
  • Building speed (Basic & with speed bonus) for every building and every¬†level.

This will be a separate category with two articles (for now). One for the cost, the other for speed.

But I will need your help!

Help me gather enough information and get a chance to win 2000 Sapphires from Plarium!

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