Celtic Frost is looking for new members

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2 January, 2017, 6:20 PM UTC

CF bids welcome,we are a growing league with the moto : HAVE FUN FIRST . Celtic Frost has a leadership structure, a set of basic rules and encourage all to particapate in the league to make the rules for the way we conduct ourselves within stormfall age of war everyone has a voice.

Have fun, it is just a game 

Log in daily , do your dailies, participate in league events ( a raid not used is a res not gained to build and grow)

Participate in chat say hi ask questions and voice opinion

If you are going to be absent for more then 3 days inform marshall with reason ( may be kicked )

Do not attack those we are allied or at peace with check in embassy to see if not sure

Fiefs/Hamlets are fair game use at own risk

Must join in teamspeak to be part of command (commanders and above)

Send an archer / friends request to all cf members

 Ryder CF
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2 January, 2017, 8:28 PM UTC
Great league .. great leadership.. All the best and hope you grow fast and big..
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