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3 January, 2017, 1:07 AM UTC
tweakerbee said:

Well here you can see the struggle of once great league.

I has been killed by its own marchal.

Destiny still has a big hammer and good defence but that's all.

You dont see them anymore in tournaments (where did you guys go in the capture the flag, league bg's or leabue pvp?)

The only thing youre still are good in is the league beacon tournaments and that's all beacuase of a few big players.

Look at youre members dropping out and going inactive !

And even the great coralition is no more.

You really acting like youre with youre back to the wall everything that has a little smell of emps you attack.

Even smaller league where you have nothing to fear from.

But its still not to late!!!

For once start beeing honest.

Speaking of leagues falling apart, how are things going in Emps? 
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