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We don't understand.

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1 January, 2017, 3:47 PM UTC

jumy said:

simple test for the scam of this game

same or similar other 15 attack received

well now try this FRAUD and send few arch

you are thieves

If I'm interpreting that correctly, these are all hits on fortresses. If so it makes perfect sense to me. Fortresses work on seige mechanics. This works like raid mechanics when the amount of defense in a fortress is close to the amount of offense sent at it. However, when one side overwhelms the other, the overwhelming side's losses decrease rapidly below the weaker side's.

You can recreate the seige "curve" yourself by sending units to a dead castle (preferably without any castle defense bonus) and having someone else seige them at varying amounts.

@ Eugenia: It's not as simple as ratios when seiges are involved. That's only true for raids. ;)
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