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Battle of Devourer Abandon Village 8 (Dark Plains)

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19 December, 2016, 7:34 PM UTC

12 /19/ 2016  Abandon Village  # 8   Offense,   Time discrepancy  sent selected units first attempt, second attempt ONLY 2 Green Dragons,   Note used 1/4 BOOST to arrive before First selected units sent,     (NOTE)  12:10 Failed - allready sent second SET     =     Arrival TIME 12:10  Victory  !!!!!!!!!!

Sent ALL UNITS that returned to the KEEP - then proceeded to Offense Abandon village # 8  *  12:13 Time NOTED

Next report States ALL UNITS DESTROYED ? 12:12    Abandon village #8 came back ALIVE and Balur Raided =  I had allready WON that Battle !  (NOTE)    *  Time 12:12

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19 December, 2016, 8:04 PM UTC

uid 1937946 / pp13116322 / The Dark Plains / segment01

First Unit       Sent to Offense         

Second unit                  12:10  Failed 2 green dragons Boost to arrive First

                  12:10  Victory  !!!!!!!!

        All units returned to KEEP  sent to Catacombs ,  Could you Tell ME why BALUR shows up in the catacombs to devour ALL UNITS -  My Grand Marshall Agrees = The Report of a BOOST Worked - First unit succeeded to rescue the 55 trapped Fire dragons.

The Village WAS destroyed being cleaned UP while my Units Celebrating their Victory RETURN SHOULD have been going to the Catacombs Not back to the Haunted area allready Wiped OFF the MAP.

Thank you for looking into this Discrepancy,

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19 December, 2016, 10:15 PM UTC

firstly you are hitting battleground which is part of the game that helps you get lower level troops changed to higher level troops using the amount of resources put in the battlegrounds through the loss of troops..

secondly the battleground after a certain level of clearance give you more battleground.. all defended by Balur.. Each battleground takes a specific amount of troops power to clear them..

the minimum distance to send to the BG is always 1 min.. you dont need to use the boost..

When you win in Battlegrounds(BG) you loose some troops that get lost in the battle and they dont return to you catacombs but you get some rewards for clearing them. check grand Marshal report.

Please go through the Forum to learn more about  the game and its mechanism.

This might be moved to Game discussion instead of Bug report incase they think it is not a Bug

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