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Resources Production Boosters deleted at The Daily Reset

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16 November, 2016, 3:41 AM UTC

Why is it that every time Plarium implements new game features new and old bugs appear?

Since last feature adds some weeks back my 25% Resource Production Boosters have been disappearing and as I play a bit irregular it took a while to pinpoint the error. It just got obvious though.
I added one around midnight CET  and about two hours later "The new day game reset" occurs for me.
I reloaded game page to get the "Daily Paragon Roll" and notice my 25% production boost had been deactivated..!
No wonder they have disappeared so fast lately. I usually also add several at a time to be sure I produce as much as possible but stopped doing this last week when It got to obvious to me something was not right..

So know you now gamers reading this, all added 25% Resources Production Boosters that we get from doing Personal Events are deactivated every day at "The new day game reset" and have been like this since mid to end of summer.

Is that not a fun bug say? Almost as fun as the "Team Event" bug where our Rewards don´t appear until time has expired for them to be collected  =)
..don´t know how many hundreds of those 3rd and 4th rewards I have lost because of that bug.
Lucky for Plarium they made their games so addictive players stay and play even though their Beta games always are full of bugs that never go away.

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16 November, 2016, 8:49 AM UTC

Lord Meyou

be aware that the boosters productions have only one day production or three days if you use the 3 days booster.

usually items got in personal events have only one day so check if you really has activated it or not

these days i have been using a 25% booster of food and no problems with the time.

however if you think is a bug we cant do anything here in the forum and you have to send a ticket to support to check it.

please send it following this link


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