DoomieUK --- Stormfall Age of War video

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8 November, 2016, 7:36 PM UTC

HI all good friends,

I am back again and it has been very busy in the KT league.

I have been made a Captain (Yipppeee) and KT is buzing at the moment. There is very good support from the other Captains..Dread, Sucht, Stewart and Bobthedog ect, in supporting Marshall Dave.

There are plenty of accounts trying to join KT, although we are maxed in number, please be patient I and others are messaging everyone back who apply. There is a requirement now to join KT in Offence and Defence troops, so just drop me a PM:-)

Here is the latest video that is now on youtube, so please view and positive feedback only:-)

Keep on gaming and enjoy the experience with Stormfall Age of War


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