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False unread messages bug.. gets worse?

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2 November, 2016, 12:56 PM UTC

As you should already know this is a bug where we get false pm icons when we have no new pm, everyone that i know of experiences it. 

Well with all these updates now i have 2 unread messages i cannot access (or are not there) when will Plarium fix this issue? Or does Plarium just want us to end up with more unread pm.

it has been reported for a long time now. and instead of fixing the bugs why are updates many players are against still being added? Try fixing bugs before adding new updates to break more.

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2 November, 2016, 1:23 PM UTC

Lord Failo

as you know its a known issue that devs are aware and working on it. sometimes things take more time than expected or are things that its priority is higher than the others.

Dont worry as the moment this issue its not so important and its only visual. Be patient and be sure that the will launch a fix as soon as possible.

As the moment that this thread is duplicate and its a known visual glich and the devs are working on it, i close the thread to avoid duplicities.


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