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Gone in Sixty Seconds - Broken Flag Event

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28 October, 2016, 2:45 PM UTC

It seems flags are stolen in Stormfall even quicker than cars in the famous film.

The flag event has been pointed out, over and over again to be fundamentally broken. It is an event that:

- provides content only for seconds; and

- more critically can only be participated in if you the timezone works perfectly for you to be online for the minutes of the event.

And yet despite the fact players pointed out before it was even launched what these failures would be, Plarium "launched it anyway" and then "ran it unchanged for the 3rd time".

Virtually all the flags were immediately gone in less than 60 seconds. Took couple of mins for some defended beacons to go.

Now we watch the tumble weeds for the other 3 days 11 hours 55 mins.

Will Plarium ever listen? Seems hopeless atm.

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