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Gravitation increased????

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22 October, 2016, 11:17 PM UTC

Just before the bug I reported when Jewellers hamlets disappeared all sudden about a week ago, now I have one in proximity.

However, I have to send there about TWICE nomads now than before to carry THE SAME amount of saphires.

I consider it as a bug as there was NO any announce that capacity of the units/weight of saphires/G constant of the world would change.

It must be explained and better to be returned back to its normal way.

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23 October, 2016, 10:15 AM UTC

Lord Alex

i usually dont get hamlets for resources, may be im not the most indicated to solve ur doubt but i will try

my system says that u need 2 nomads to get 1 sapphire from hamlet, dont know if some days ago u only need 1 nomad for 1 saphire

if you think that is an error or issue please contact Help Desk to get the correct info

sorry for not being so helpful

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