Newly Formed League - Dilligaf Looking for active members of any level. (The Dark Plains)

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5 October, 2016, 6:37 PM UTC
Cimmerian Horde is Looking for New Members

Cimmerian Horde is currently seeking  members of any skill and any level. We are a newly formed league and we are actively looking for players that are friendly, active and respectful of other members and the community of players as a whole. We are seeking mature members that have a good attitude, team spirit and a desire to learn and/or help other members.

Cimmerian Horde membership requirements are as follows:

1. The ability to be active enough to steadily progress and contribute to the league. There are no set minimums but prolonged inactivity without notification is not acceptable. Keep us informed please.

2. The desire to work with others to achieve league goals.

3. A friendly, affable manner. We're all here to have fun and a strong team is a close team.

4. Maturity. Remember, maturity does not necessarily relate to age.

5. No minimum skill and/or castle level is required. We can help you and are always willing to answer questions and teach you the finer points of the game.

6. No flaming of any Cimmerian Horde member or non-member. With proof, that is enough reason to be immediately dropped from our league. We're here to have fun and being respectful of others is always important.

Benefits of being a Cimmerian Horde member:

*  Members will have a chance to vote on important, league issues. You are a part of the league regardless of rank.

*  Members exhibiting the characteristics mentioned in the membership requirements will have the ability to advance in rank within our league.

*  New players will receive game help and troop support so that they can advance and prosper.

*  Leadership is friendly and helpful, as are all members. Part of the fun of playing this game is being able to help others.

If you're interested in joining Cimmerian Horde for some fun and competitive gaming, please send me a friend request and I'll accept and I'll send you an invitation.

My Screen Name: Rogue

Our League Name: Cimmerian Horde

Rogue's Castle Coordinates: 1895  1405

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Send me a friend request and I'd be happy to send you an invite.

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