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SAPPHIRE generator

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cat in the hat
1 October, 2016, 2:48 AM UTC
i dont see how this would make any difference. so if you look at black market just buy 5000 gold or iron is 10 sapphires. so i dont see it being to useful unless you buy legendary troops with sapphire generator. it better just to use resources to train troops then put it in sapphire generator. its still a pay to win game regardless if they do that. unless, they give you more sapphires per 5000 resources then what it cost in black market. 
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1 October, 2016, 7:50 AM UTC

BiohazarD said:

oracle said:

Plarium should not legally be afraid to release currency back into the game. Imagine if you buy the highest hero equipment but by mistake you buy 2. these system will allow you to return that back into he black market, and buy something else, since 600 paragons points cost 8000 sapphires, it should make sense if I were to return 600 paragon points back and get 8000 sapphires.
If they did implement it, I doubt the trade in value would be anywhere near 1 to 1.  Otherwise you'd have people cashing in years of collected junk and raking in ridiculous amounts of sapphires.  Even non-coiners like myself who have been playing the game for a while can easily have 500k+ sapphires worth of paragon points, 5 and 10 minute boosts, crystal coffers, quest refreshers, etc.  So you might get like 20% of the value of the item back.  There would also probably be a cooldown, to prevent the coiners who bought packs with massive discounts on boost packs from trading in a few million sapphires worth of speed boosts. 

true indeed, a 1:1 ratio is what we should aim for. After all is its not 1:1 then its daylight robbery on part of plarium.  

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1 October, 2016, 8:02 AM UTC

oracle said:

Since plarium is half bend on not fixing a game why not let us use what we have in game to generate sapphires.

I suggest a a kind of building, were players will be able to turn things they no longer need back to sapphires. these will include things like Paragon points, relics, and those stupid hero stuffs, even gold and Iron. The building will end all the imbalance in the game.

Most games have such ability, and it made players very happy, and these will allow the game to be in a balance and not rely heavily on the stock market on deciding who win the next tournament, or have the most offence.

Plus It will also give defense some kind of ''value''. BG complaints will vanish, because we will no longer be losing, we can now turn those rewards back into sapphires and then back to Units

A similar idea was passed to devs.

OK Alyona Kolomiitseva

1.I didn't understand your statement, what do you mean by ''similar'', and ''passed on''. can you elaborate here please

2. I hope to engage with the developers, for updates, and other matters related, and not limited to these issue. Is there a way to do so outside the scope of forum, and ticket submission. 

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1 October, 2016, 10:37 AM UTC
Sounds a great idea to me. I hope this goes under consideration soon!!!
Untamed Lands
UTC +2:00
2 October, 2016, 6:17 PM UTC
I love the idea ...hope it gets done :)
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5 October, 2016, 12:03 AM UTC

IronApex Turok said:

well.. the did away with the sapphire settlements. doubt this will go through

I also noticed that, not sure why, other than not wanting to leave free coin for people to fight for.

Those were great to get and fight over.

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