Wars of our leagues

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19 September, 2016, 7:17 PM UTC

Have to admit I've really enjoyed this thread. That's how the forums should be. Regardless of which side we stand on lets keep this fun yeah? 

I was so happy to see another contributor get poetic, as I am also a budding poet. Not saying I'm any good or anything, but I try. Here goes:

So you got profiteers for to help you out

With friends like that cupcake

Good friends you've done without

But when you lose your chains and gears

The server will sink some beers

This war will become a passing memory

UC leagues just passing through

But still many hot dates with Destiny

Come on all, admit it. They've been around asking after you

You're busy trying to clear your name

"I'm not guilty I speak the truth"

But you cannot say

"I deserve no blame" 

You could of remained major contenders

You spent the money and had got the breaks

But we've a list of all the major offenders

And lists of all their major mistakes

Now you're standing near the gallows

With your usual come-on smile

But few trust your "hello"

"I'll make it worth your while"

The organ grinder will be around

Looking for his rent

All they have to give him

Is a dozen leaky tents

Now you know what they say about dictators?

The first to argue the rules

You know what they say about dictators?

The first to dump their tools

They never give a damn about who they pick up

And leave lying bleeding on the ground

They screw people over on the way up

With clear knowledge they were going down

So don't go down UC valley

Where they fill your head with dreams

You'll just end counting up the tally

Maybe only a million to be seen

I'm a bush poet so forgive my style. Just imagine me reciting it in person with my crocodile hunter getup on. I welcome any feeback as to how I can better refine my poetic skills (or lack of) 

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