Unforgivens Strike Back!

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13 September, 2016, 8:06 PM UTC

(not sure why my previous post was removed, so I'm re-posting in case of a moderator error)

These SS's speak for themselves


Unfortunately it's no surprise to see how the Unfrogiven choose to "fight" back.

** update **


do not post any offensive messages on the forum just block the player and report him to support

thank you
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14 September, 2016, 10:08 AM UTC

Oh you poor delicate flower, I'm shocked...

But such important matter deserve a serious answer....Balloon!

Hello World, your little ray of sarcastic sunshine has arrived
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14 September, 2016, 5:52 PM UTC

Well I sure hope no one you know has ever been a victim of something like this in real life to show the insensitivity you have shown.

Have some respect, fight all you want but the above is too far and only shows weakness of character.
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14 September, 2016, 6:23 PM UTC

No one spoke about real life, is just a message in a game where the sender can be easily blocked. (been there,done that)

But blocking someone will stop the receiver getting messages, making screens and posing as a drama queen.

And btw the respect must be earned and I have no respect or sensitivity for bullies...neither in real life ,neither in game.

Any other comments about my weak character? It seems you know me, my life or whatever else you try to guess...
Hello World, your little ray of sarcastic sunshine has arrived
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14 September, 2016, 7:09 PM UTC
Who is a bully?
Everyone has a right to an opinion. No one has a right to their opinion being respected by other if it can't be backed up with rational and logic explanation
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15 September, 2016, 3:58 PM UTC

Well since we are sharing the level of maturity of this specific player then I will share the messages I got yesterday morning


Seriously I have never sent a vulgar message to anyone and that is totally uncalled for.  Based on the castle name alone this player should be banned.

pls do not post offending messages instead report the player to support

thank you
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15 September, 2016, 4:22 PM UTC

I'm stuck in indecision about what's worse. 

- The player who makes those statements 


- The marshal and other players that condone that type of statement. 

Either way, it speaks volumes to the character of all the Unforgivens that have so far shared their support / any lack of disgust or remorse at the style of play their players use in retaliation against beacon attacks.

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15 September, 2016, 4:49 PM UTC

test please dont cast  us all the same here ive been moved down to recruit for  my voice

 i dont like

what i see or what i hear

 its only a game after all ???

but not all of us are that crude or  stupid all i can say is sorry for what other players have done trevor

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15 September, 2016, 8:28 PM UTC


I believe Test said all that shared their support or lack of disgust, you do not seem to be one that has so you are not included in above
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15 September, 2016, 9:44 PM UTC
trevor777 KOCII said:

im no longer with emperors

 ive moved to knights 

 i dont like whats going on there and wont be part of it 

no one should talk to a player like that ever its sad 

OK TREVOR we all know you got moved to a recuit, you only posted it on 3 different threads. Leave it alone you big baby.

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16 September, 2016, 4:04 PM UTC

Tychi said:


Calm down you aren't the one to tell everyone what is right and wrong And insult people. In fact noone should be insulting others this is only a GAME but some take it to seriously like the fellow test posted screens about.

please note Emperor Shin NOT Test started all this stuff on the forums and saying how Destiny is so bad well Test is simply showing his opinion and some screens of how Emperors and their allies are not quite as perfect as they make themselves out to be.

I never heard one complaint from Test in this thread he just showed his disgrattitude in a players of Unforgivens choice of gameplay. it always has been and always will be only a GAME.

due that the quoted message included offenses your post has been edited

thank you
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25 September, 2016, 1:02 PM UTC

lords and ladies 

pls do not post any offensive videos or screenshots 

if you receive an offensive pm report it to support and block the player posting it on forums is not allowed 

thank you
I'am me and that is what i care about :)
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