Hero's Inventory (Helmet, glove and shoe salesman)

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9 September, 2016, 3:50 PM UTC
Sorry if there is already a post about this but here goes mine. I feel like a glove and helmet salesman with no keys to open treasure chest; when it come to  receiving items from  Orc raids .  Like some I have very few sapphires to spend and even if I did there are other items more worthy of their disposal/use than purchasing key's.  I have discarded more treasure chest than opened and the fact that I must discard with gaining '0" points seems to be a off balance with this portion of the game. Another off balance is when a item has been upgraded then replaced for a higher level item there is little compensation for the value of the upgrades in fact I think its most often  the same value as the item would have been when first received. I think a little more creativity could be had with the hero's armor as well.  Like stones/ jewels that could be earned on raids that can be placed on item to increase strength. It may increase the  enjoyable game play factor and move players away from the feeling of being a shoe, hat and glove salesman as well as a discarder of treasure chest. Theres a real imbalance in  the receiving of chest to keys  and those players who have smaller inventory slots (smaller sapphire availability) loose out.  May be worth taking a look at and doing some revamping. PLEASE  After thought I have lots of shards that I don't use maybe there could be a shard power increase for a time period placed on inventory items or the two incorporated somehow .  Or even the rare orc raid that gives a power boost  win to only the selling of equipment/inventory items. 
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