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4 September, 2016, 6:53 PM UTC

1) All messages from forum that have a directed answer should have a message send to castle to review forum messages. Not me, nor any with a modicum of thought is going to Re Review hundreds of pages of useless forum. Teach some Real corporate directivity instead of forcing an individual to go through more than 1/8 A4. Very, very appreciative of this (and for yourselfs if you ever wanted another job under real corporate capital circumstances.

It is about rights given, and not rights removed.)

2) I need to be able to sort the friends, tag and blacklist in castle accorded leaque pertinence, to make game more enjoyable, and to allow seperation of friends, acquaintances, lost souls and other well whatever they would be.

3) Same for friends list on profile page, with the addicional of being able to review (new acquantaince) profile prior to acceptance. Anarchy might have it's place to divide and allow for quickie real time steals, however no real life instances are ever gratefull of that existance.

Very appreciative onto those areas in attention which A Lord could require (and I assure you that most oftern then not, those will not be moral values nor opions in/to)

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5 September, 2016, 7:36 AM UTC


1) We can't send you an in-game letter each time when someone responds on Forum. Game and Forum are separate. If you don't want to miss anything in a certain thread. keep it in your pinned tabs and check it from time to time. I'm sure that there are many players who do exactly the same when they need an answer or just want to track the conversation.

2) It's a really cool idea to sort your Friends. But we have the following situation:

On the one hand, we're limited by Flash technology which makes it difficult to create dynamic features. On the other hand, we are planning to redesign the whole friends bar feature and then implement such ideas.

3) As far as I know, you can view the profile before adding someone as your friend. You just need to click on his hame under the avatar. Like this: http://screencast.com/t/ibWUKwpQ

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6 September, 2016, 10:37 AM UTC

Nikita, I'm too 'experienced' with too many entitlements and very long days having to sort out 4+ pages of superfluous writ where 1/8th of an A4 would do.

\ I have removed players for being within a leaque with known elements whom attack/harash, force to make quote fief/user deleted/abandon of their own castle. Clearly enough, this is a defacto reason why some sectors in real society wish your game banned from public support. (If you wish a list of other incidentals, then I'm certain there would be many whom would be glad to provide so).

Now, to not force addicional instances of grief onto players, it is imperative that the leaque that the individual is currently a member of, be a part of the image, NONE having a wish to have their name placed in conjunction for a leaques propaganda that to them is none desirable.

A war game is not a public excuse for expressions of sadism through anonimity, being that by either certain styles with no mores, or those with defacto too many mores (moralities).

Kindly take notice that some recommendations are not recommendations at al, but a demand onto your corporation to alott to provide leeway to keep their doors open in public by providing your players with the tools required to NOT have to interact with those that they do not wish to further interact with.

Good to know that you and yours are working dayly on remedying these 'difficulties'.

Thank you for your reply.

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