All my games are back to level 1, Stormfall, Pirates, and Total Domination

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21 August, 2016, 7:43 AM UTC

Imagine my surprise when I started Pirates today and it started to lead me through the startup script at level one, I was at level 71 and spent $100.00 of dollars to get there. I moved over to Total domination and the same thing?!? I didn't even have a single Titanium mine yet and it wanted to lead me through the start script again. I then moved to Stormfall and  the same thing there. I have spent over a thousand dollars to get where I was before and now I have nothing in all 3 game genres?

What gives? I either want my money back and I quit these games or I want my levels back. I can send you a copy of my bank statement to show how much money I've spent at Plarium if that would help.
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21 August, 2016, 8:03 AM UTC

Lord Bold

every game has at least two servers where play

check if you have been sent to the other server of each game. look at the top of the screen in the game. you have the name of ur castle and ur coordinates. on right you can see the name of the server. for example on SF you have to have untamed lands or dark plains. click on the name and a new window will open with the name of servers. choose that where you have all you progress and click OK. you will be send to your upgraded castle

hope this can solve ur problem

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