WANTED: A real update that doesn't exploit current Mechanics

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9 August, 2016, 11:12 AM UTC

Gadheras said:

afaik, Plarium is an Ukraine and Israeli company. Not likely to fund terrorism tbh. And I see they offer PayPal as payment method if you scared of expose your cc details. 

Also, if you state what you do above without any proof to point towards, the term is slander which is bad. At least I couldnt find any links to them being sued or court cases with a quick google search. Such things usually hit the gaming media fast, so should been some proof out therre right?

Someone could have spent on sapphires. Then regret their decission, and made a chargeback. If they do such a thing after they spent the sapphires Plarium would set your account in negatives, because then what you do is basicaly steal sapphires.

Just because they got a fracked up model which a lot of us see as greedy and disgusting doesn't make them out to be evil and what not. 

I can confirm that. Our Offices are opened in Ukraine, Israel, Russia, UK and USA. 

Also, our players can be 100% sure that their CC details won't be shared with third-parties or used by Plarium in any way. 

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