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21 June, 2016, 4:59 PM UTC


I hope screenshots are allowed as its the easiest way to show/explain what im talking about. Read the message at the top of the page... it randomly pops up when i load the website & i have to close the whole browser and reload for it to dissapear. Obviously i dont trust it and its misleading, perhaps removing this add/glitch/bug/folley? Thanks :)

Edit: Surprised its taken a day for you to get back to me on this. Not only is this CloudFire trying to scam me but when trying to load your users profile it sometimes comes up that the website is down and ive got refresh etc brings me back to stormfall page with the option to log in etc when im already logged in & cloudfire advert claiming its a snap screenshot of the site and your free to surf until the original is back online. WTF is this? Another website, a scam? What? Why does this pop up around your game every hour or so now.

I could handle the in-game drama, scams, hacks etc as every game gets them but the moment any game company tries to 3rd party my computer to malware software then im out of here. Fix this problem ASAP, i cant be the only one

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22 June, 2016, 7:22 AM UTC
My Lord, you can use popup blocker for your web browser.
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