I hope it's a joke

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12 June, 2016, 8:50 PM UTC

Tony Hobson said:

I will certainly experiment with comparing xp from red battlegrounds. I have always ignored xp and concentrated on the Battleground Ranking figures (which should be 10% of average strength)

We are desperate to find an accurate method of predicting bg strength on stormfall - I have seen many bg charts and battle calculators but they all use average values - which can easily be doubled when the population of ogres or marrenon is higher than average

Sending a wave of pikemen helps a lot, and gives us an idea of relative balur population ... but a FULL battle report should be given

Its called SPYING and its silly we cant spy on bg's.... the means is there already , just not the ability.

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13 June, 2016, 2:53 AM UTC
The battle mechanic works on weighted averages. Hope that helps you.
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20 June, 2016, 10:15 PM UTC

after done my ban i m here now :D

my real problem in this bg is game, i have select different number but game send casual troops, logically support in this game deserves a big 

no comment

however i see even the most expert confused  in these comments, bg change on course by strategy and need at least 37k infarty for clear this bg

first time i see one so composed (lv24) but all adapts  to you

so well is a fantastic game, we go on with strategy, not play and save troops, great game

The truth hurts
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