issue with buying packages

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31 May, 2016, 6:40 AM UTC
Im trying to buy a package deal the boosts ones .Anyway on my first  attempt it said failed to redeem  since I bought the cards today  and havent used them yet I know they have the  money on them and yes I keep my receipts no error to them . so I retried once again it said failed to redeem the third time I tried it said too many failed attempts i think your system is down for buying packages and I would like to buy the boost package since that is what I bought the cards  for but their is only 30 minutes left for that package deal I hope you will fix the error  or bug that is taking place in the package deals and I hope you will find a way to let me buy that boost package deal since  that was my reason for buying the cards in first place to obtain the boosts 
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31 May, 2016, 8:02 AM UTC

Lady Queen

please be aware that all issues about buying sapphires or packages must been sent to support staff. we, the mods,  can do nothing about these issues here in the forum

you can send a ticket following this link

hope you can solve this issue

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