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11 May, 2016, 1:43 AM UTC
Hi people im new and need help !
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11 May, 2016, 5:21 AM UTC

Greetings m'lord!

Welcome to the realm of Darkshine!

  • Don't know what in Bran's name you have to do? Tutorials will bring you on the right path!
  • If you want to know more; our Wiki is here to help you gain more knowledge too!
  • If you still lack knowledge; perhaps join a League! Members will probably be able to help you personally!
I wish you luck on your road towards power and control. Mind the orcs! They roam everywhere; especially at Battlegrounds! 

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11 May, 2016, 2:49 PM UTC

Follow the daily quests. They grant a bonus for doing things that you might do for no bonus otherwise. Build an embassy as one of the quests, then join a league. Make each league member a "Friend". Build the crypt structure (it will be one of those quests). Now each friend can summon 1 wraith troop per day to fight for you up to a limit of 50, and you can visit their castle and do the same for them. That's what friends are for!

It helped me to go to the Plarium Stormfall Wiki. I read everything there which explained a lot. Use the chat feature ingame to ask questions on anything you don't understand. I got answers really quick. You can also visit a league member's castle directly and leave a message.

Build a catacombs structure and upgrade it to hold as many of your resources as you can keep in your barns and warehouses. Then, always send all of the troops you don't want to lose into the catacombs from your Keep. That way, a player who raids your castle won't get anything for the effort. Good luck!

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