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Food consumption and combat effiency.

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16 April, 2016, 5:41 PM UTC

An army doesn't march on a empty stomach, unless in Stormfall, and it doesn't make sense. If there is no food, there should be starvation, famine....

So how about rather than troops just consume food, they consume rations, and level of rations would decide their effectivity. If your food levels not enough to cover your troops, then they get decreased rations to avoid go in negatives. Less rations less effective they are.

Cool you got a huge bad ass army, shame they survive on water and a piece of bread a day and as effecitve in combat as a pesant with a pitch fork.

There need to be a consequence of running in shortage of food. You shouldn't be able to buy new units if you running in negatives, or doesn't have a posetive food stock. 

I don't really care about how the game is a fantasy game, and players enjoy it more if there is no penality for running with food shortage, it's not right. Bottom line is you need food/fuel to sustain life. 

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16 April, 2016, 6:27 PM UTC

I agree but should first delete pay bg in resources.... otherwise is good as it is now

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18 April, 2016, 8:11 AM UTC
A lot of players have asked of this feature. That's why we have made it that way.
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18 April, 2016, 10:51 AM UTC

Alyona Kolomiitseva said:

A lot of players have asked of this feature. That's why we have made it that way.

I never seen a lot of people ask for this on the stormfall forums since I started play over 10 months ago, so I wonder where so many asked for this feature? I seen a lot of players ask for other things on this forum that never materialize to anything, like a certain becon thread that been going forever until got locked down :(

There is no consequence running at negative numbers.

How about make the negative number a constant, so if you end up with like - 2000000 food value, you have to recover so much food points to get into posetives again. 

I will be so blunt to say that, the only reason for not losing units on negative food, was to get more players to spend on buying units :( It's like trying to push new players to run before they can crawl. After loosing their flashy new bought units, the chance of them leave the game behind probably greater than their appriciation for magic food.

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