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Theoretical question to Plarium

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14 April, 2016, 2:01 PM UTC

In real life you got unions that work for better conditions for their members. If negotiations and such can halt or come to a stand still, the use of strike can happen. Fruit pickers in the US even worked hard on impose boycots of the land owners products (wine) back in the day. 

What would be the theoretical outcome if players in Stormfall did unite and came to an agreement of lets just say re-consider their spending habbits for a while to see if Plarium wanted to give the players better conditions? 

I have by no means the time nor effort to organize something like this, but someone with enough time on their hand could, and it's fairly easy to reach out to the players, the harder part is to get all aboard with it, but you don't need everyone, you just need a large part for it to have an effect.

What would it take for Plarium to listen to their players, how far would the players have to go, to empower themselfs to achieve it? I'm not saying the players should dictate how the company get run and so on, but players that already invested a lot of money into this game, should be considered stake holders in the future of the game.

As it is today I have this anxious feeling about the game have reached a critical mass and is about to implode on itself. Reading certain places on facebook regarding this game was like being hit with a wall of depression. And remember, people for most part vocal about it because they do care. Not just because they want to troll and such.

I already seen good players of my league left the game, and a few more about to. And I'm not talking about short time players, they been in for a very long time, they just had enough. Not necessary because the game isn't fun anylonger, but once you upgraded all your buildings and techs and then get things like the sketches, and you know you already invested so much cash  into this game. I guess you kind of start ask yourself when is enough enough?

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Community Manager
15 April, 2016, 6:54 AM UTC

Greetings. I understand that some players may not like some of our Updates, but they are made to improve the game, to give our players more opportunities to improve their strategies and diversify the gameplay.

As you may have noticed, our new levels of buildings are not the game changers. So those players who don't want to spend their time or money on it, can just play the game as they did before we have implemented this new game feature. 

New levels mostly give you more Resources, more place to store them, more Caravans capacity, etc. For the most of high-level players additional Resources are not necessary, as they raid enough, and use all other opportunities to get them.

Low level players didn't max their buildings yet, so they don't need the new levels anymore.

Yes, players who spend money on the game, can receive the benefits from the new levels, but as I said, we designed them to not be a game changer. If a coiner has more Resources, would it harm you? 

And of course, we made sure that the new levels will be reachable for active players, who receive big Sapphire rewards from Tournaments, place in Top Rankings, complete Achievements, capture Sapphire Settlements, etc. It will take a lot of time and efforts, and probably you would prefer another ways to spend your earned Sapphires, but we made it possible for everyone to achieve new levels.

It's only your choice how to play. You can always skip the update you don't like. You can play as usual, or you can use some benefits of new features. It's up to you.

We do listen to our players feedback. That's why we have created the Suggestions thread on forum, where you can share your thoughts and ideas about our updates and about future changes to the game.

We appreciate your feedback and we would like you to enjoy our games, because we do our best to make you, players, happy.

Plarium Community Manager. Please note that I will be unable to respond to your private messages, review your tickets, or check your account information. All technical issues should be directed to our Support Team at
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15 April, 2016, 9:50 AM UTC

Sketches (item)= new (resource) formula for change sapphire

all item in this game are sapphire, idem resource, can simple add cost sapphire :)

are good add but too expensive, who wants to pay insanely already had everything

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15 April, 2016, 10:40 AM UTC

Alyona Kolomiitseva said:

And of course, we made sure that the new levels will be reachable for active players, who receive big Sapphire rewards from Tournaments, place in Top Rankings, complete Achievements, capture Sapphire Settlements, etc. 

With every change you took part of total "free" sapphires from active players, including your bold words, the most ugly change about sapps.

So, Plarium knows very well what it is doing, and that will have reflections in the future / already has. We have to accept that changes, or to leave. Fight? No possibility to win - stupid wasting time.

But, your way to explain us, how these changes will not change anything for active players is really strange.

If changes will not change anything WHY anyone will make changes?

Obviously, your answer can't be correct or someone in Plarium has serious problem with logic.

I cant believe that last part is true, so your answer is problematic.

Such conclusions as your lead us in undesirable direction, because my logic reaction on treating me as I'm stupid is very ugly.

If you haven't something smart to say, please don't - that will be OK, much more than something like your last answer - insult to common sense.

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15 April, 2016, 11:01 AM UTC

Activity is negligible in regards to gaining sapphires compared to spending money to generate sapphires, for example

  • BG rankings/Offense/Defense - Who do you think will get the rewards from those? I just looked at the rankings, and the lowest weekly offense currently on S1 is 228k power points, and they receive 20 sapphires. On average, for a player to amass 228k offense points they need to get roughly (I use 1:80 ratio for PvP) 80*228000 = 18mil now granted it is more likely it isn't that steep as you get more from winning, so lets just assume its 12mil, if a player can make lets say 150k offense per day? that is 120/1.5 80 days, for 20 sapphires... I'm not even going to but wow
  • By achievements I assume you mean feats of valor, and in total, excluding the feat of valor for rankings you can get 1270 sapphires... I excluded the rankings due to the above point ^
  • Sapphire settlements no longer exist, and I think I made the point somewhere else that people actually feel sapphire hamlets subtract from the game because no one is willing to defend them, I certainly wouldn't risk like 30 archers for 1 sapphire
  • "Big sapphire rewards from tournaments" is PURELY subjective. It varies drastically based on several factors, but I can tell you now that the recent having 2+ tournaments every day is burning a lot of players out and no one is really gaining much.

Try to look at it from this perspective Alyona, the easiest method of sapphires... And really the only possible one for most people is tournaments. 

The easiest tournament(s) to get sapphires on are, BGs and PvP.... There is a case of "you gotta spend money to make money" except.... in 90% of cases you don't gain back what you lose, so therefore their is no point in risking it. 

Meanwhile there is no threat for people who spend big amounts of money because if something goes bad they just nullify the risk of spending, in most cases months of rebuilding. That really isn't fun and engaging having to rebuild *if the "hardcore" argument gets brought up here I am going to rant like no tomorrow*

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15 April, 2016, 3:40 PM UTC

you need spend 1000 for win 0,1..... weird? if pay yes

The truth hurts
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