OCD rant

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3 April, 2016, 11:46 AM UTC

Too begin with, my OCD has always twitched at that ^ 

1- why are they out of order, I don't even... Just why.

2- why is a fighter higher than a knight, a knight in history is/was a wealthy person who sold his military skills to the king in exchange for goods/land and is typically 1 rank below a baron, the ranks should be 4= Knight 5= Esquire... Considering the game is essentially a monarchy this is entirely wrong. You changed hamlets because you wanted them to be, and I quote "more realistic"

3- why is Neophyte a rank instead of something else such as initiate, a Neophyte (noun) means to begin an activity or a new member of a religion, but if we were running sects / religions the rank of "fighter" should be something more or less of "priest" instead... Initiate means to admit someone into a secret group, typically through a ritual which seems more correct to me considering the 7 day rule.  Neo could even be a Yeoman. 

4- Why are most of the ranks essentially pointless, Neo + Recruit + Soldier = same.... Guardian + Knight + Ranger + Ambassador + Fighter = same. There is literally no difference, and then the ONLY difference between Neo -> Fighter is the ability to see beacon defense. 

5- This isn't even the right game, but SP has "Greek Assassins" instead of fireballs, I understand the whole Greek + Rome feel to the game, but "Greek Assassins" Is incorrect, the only group of people that went by assassins were the Nizari Ismailis and they were located more middle east. The item should be Crypteia or Krypteia. 

6- The offensive unit stats don't line up to what they are good at.... Pikemen are strong vs infantry but weak vs cavalry... The only advantage pikes have over infantry is the range, but unless our units are making a testudo formation pikes are weak vs infantry and strong vs cavalry. Same thing can be said about Necros vs infantry.

7- Hamlets, this is based on a person by person basis, but I would think that if a person was sent to collect resources or die trying, even if defeated they would bring back what they were "assigned" too, there is a real life comparison of this I could make but it would break the rules of advertising illegal "careers" and most likely annoy a lot of feminists 

8- If the game costs so much money to run that it is physically impossible for Plarium to not have to tax everything they make and create a completely unbalanced environment that forces players into spending (which by the way actually stops people spending) how come you were able to make the dragon stone for essentially free and it be liked by some of the community, and then sketches which is something people have been asking for and everyone hates it. I seriously don't understand... Steam had a fault in security over christmas, they basically got a free pass for it.... Plarium gets a minor bit of lag and incomes the hate, but I guess this is pointless because I spend like 9 months trying to make this point.

9- Coding/development takes time... So does making sketches and making spreadsheets to make sure you don't under or over do the upgrades to buildings, so why has the community been waiting nearly a year for crystal coffer + paragon sliders and resources was added... The only reason I can think of is because you make money from clicks... Clicks = good for advertising. 

Watch this be removed, I will be screenshotting it as nothing here actually breaks the TOS

I have many more issues but I think that will fix my OCD for awhile

E 'n la sua volontade è nostra pace
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3 April, 2016, 12:07 PM UTC
hehe good luck with that...
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3 April, 2016, 1:17 PM UTC

click click 

remain little time for a direction without return

The truth hurts
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Community Manager
4 April, 2016, 8:19 AM UTC


So many interesting questions here. Thank you for your time and efforts.

Some of the features which you described, were designed for a purpose, and they won't be changed (Units, Ranks). It's possible that there will be some changes in the future, but I have no precise information on this regard.

As for the Coffers and Paragon Points, I have good news for you - the idea of adding a slider was accepted by our developers and it will be added with one of the future updates.

I hope this will make you a bit happier 
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