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24 March, 2016, 6:29 PM UTC


I understand raiding and the rules for how much a player can get, but what is not been made clear is the how the food, iron and gold relation to the catacomb. I checked the forums, db line, and other online help as well as the in game help but it is not clearly explained.

Some questions I have

1. I have upgraded my catacomb serveral times but see no difference to my overall holding capability.

2. Do i need to push food, gold, and iron manually into the catacomb? If not, when does it go there ? Does it ?

3. What is the benefits of upgrading my catacomb? 

4. Are there rules to raids relating to catacomb size.

My example: 

My storage is 11k

My catacomb size is 2k, 

My current food , iron, and gold are 43% full, please use an example to help me understand. 



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24 March, 2016, 9:29 PM UTC

Lord Jonathan

i will try to answer you as far i can

1.-upgrading ur catacombs does not mean that ur capacity is bigger. only means the resources you are going to save in case u were raided.

2.-no, they keep automaticly. the number means the resources you save in each upgrade

3.-the more u upgrade it the more you can save in an hipotetical raid.

4.-i suppose so but still unsure how the resources are taken and saved

about the example

take the point of the capacity of ur barns and warehouses. the rival is going to take a huge amount from you if your barns are more than 50% capacity full

if your barns and warehouses are less than 50% he only is going to take from you the 5% of each resource so the first thing you have to do is spend the more resources you can and hide all ur army

if you are going to sleep leave your game with the less resources posible in barns and warehouses and if possible an autohider enabled

hope this can help you


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