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Why the Game is fundamentally destroyed

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30 April, 2016, 10:21 AM UTC

mrfreezzzz said:

SlopranoDark said:

M'lords and ladies,

Please remember, it's not that the money being kept in a big safe. In the contrary! The money's meant to make those updates, and in order to keep those updates happening, Plarium needs their money.

in 2015, plarium generated a gross revenue of over $100 million. spreaded over 7 games, that's $14 million per game. or, $1.2 million per month, per game.

a total of 600 employees, that's 85 employees per game. let's assume they're decently paid, that'd be an average of $3000 per month per employee. for 85 employees, that'd be $260000 per month. multiply that by 2, to cover charges, taxes and such. it comes to a total of $520000 per month. out of $1.2 million, that still leaves $500000 per month. 

even taking in consideration the CEO, CFO, and all the VPs salary, there's still plenty of money to update the game, as you say, without systematically looting players, with updates that are nothing but money grabbers.

remember that overall people are smart, not dumb. 

remember that most of your customers are grownups, and not kids who don't know much, or at all, about business and company finances

and bare in mind that in a vast community of players, chances are some of them are in the internet field as well, some might even run software or gaming business

so please, stop taking us for idiots.

If you look at wages and such in places like Ukraine, where they got some of the biz, Im quite sure, that wages rather low there. 

They probably spending some on development on new mobile games and such. or maybe just reskinned versions of already existing ones as well, but it does feel like the cash they put back into the games in form of develop them further is rather small. 
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